Saturday, August 05, 2017

Seven Million Prime Working Age Men Home Watching TV

America’s Ghost Legions of Idle Men | Intellectual Takeout:

According to a recent paper by Princeton economist Alan Krueger nearly half of the men who are not looking for work are on painkillers and many are disabled. They "experience notably low levels of emotional well-being throughout their days and ... they derive relatively little meaning from their daily activities," Krueger found. And there are 7 million of them.
When did this trend start?

If there is a Year Zero for Male Infantilization it is 1965, the year President Johnson launched the American welfare state by rolling out the “Great Society”. Eberstadt also identifies it as the year when the Great Incarceration began. A crime wave started which was handled by jailing more and more criminals. Nowadays the US has the highest incarceration rates in the world.
 Strangely, the author of the column can't figure out any really good ideas to fix this.

I have a couple:

  1. Stop rewarding sloth with free stuff. 
  2. Stop penalizing work -- maybe even SUBSIDIZE IT a bit, IMMEDIATELY ... that is the kind of gratification that we have trained our youth to expect. 
  3. Start penalizing sloth -- you go to a work camp if you "need assistance". That is the BEST assistance that could be provided! 

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