Monday, August 14, 2017

Understanding The Anarchist Tribe

What draws Americans to anarchy? It’s more than just smashing windows.:

As the failed state of BOistan continues it's decent into chaos, we need to get a handle on the combatants. The "anarchists", "antifa",  "resistance", "BLM",  etc are pretty much "aligned", to the extent that term can ever apply to "anarchy".
 “The main principles of anarchism is solidarity and the importance of solidarity within society,” Petrohilos said. “So I think it’s incredibly important that people are showing up for each other when we are seeing the harshest state repression in a generation.” 
The problem wuth such a manifesto is always "solidarity with WHAT?". Sure, anti-xxxx, with xxxx being Trump, capitalism, money, religion, decency, etc can last for awhile, but what's an anarchist to decide on as "solidarity FOR"? Destruction, anger, hatred, etc tend to be self limiting -- creation is hard, destruction is much easier, but the end result is a meaningless smoking ruin.

I like to consider "end states" -- I see the anarchist end state as basically one final guy sitting in a totally destroyed world proudly stating "I won, it IS all meaningless and there is no hope at all!" ... as he puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger. "Mission Accomplished".

So how does a budding anarchist move from just normal "progressive" liberal; sullen whining and complaining, to truely getting some nasty destrction done? Here is one of those people describing her journey.

They would rant on Facebook about the latest news, then do little to solve the problems that vexed them. When people started rioting in Baltimore after the death of Freddie Gray in 2015, she recalls some of her classmates being shocked by the violence and saying they could no longer support Black Lives Matter. 
“I was like of course they’re breaking windows, they’re mad,” she said. “That’s going to make you stop supporting Black Lives Matter?”
What constitutes "doing something"? Well, rioting, breaking and burning stuff! What did you expect, they are ANARCHISTS! We can take heart though, they do take part in normal left wing "positive activity" as well ...
The election was still months away when Carrefour and a friend were in a District rowhouse in June 2016, drinking beers, smoking pot and lamenting the exhausting presidential race. With Hillary Clinton the clear front-runner, they decided it was time to begin planning inauguration protests.
I'm pretty sure this is the mantra of all left wing groups ... "drinking beers, smoking pot, and lamenting".  The standard "silent majority" conservative right mantra might be "going to work, going to church and drinking beers with buddies" ... so at least we have beer in common!

I suppose we ought to give the anarchists credit for going actually going out PERSONALLY and breaking and burning stuff. It IS more active than much of the typical "progressive action" which boils down to "let's have more highly paid government workers take even more money from more productive people, give more to us, and some more leftovers to people even less productive than us so we can feel righteous about it!"

The linked article gets a litte tedious (like exhausting presidential races), but I really think I've captured the essence of the anarchist "movement".

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