Thursday, September 28, 2017

Robomarket, It Really IS Different This Time

The Market Really Is Different This Time | Jason Zweig:

Good article on the fact that small investors are taking money OUT of the market as it rises. Why? Because millions of them have billions of dollars in "target funds" related to their retirement date. As they get older, a larger percentage of their money goes into bonds, and on top of that, every time the market rises, they become "out of balance" relative to their risk tolerance, so more money goes into bonds.

So the "suckers" this time would seem to NOT be the "little guy" as is usually the case in toppy markets.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"Woke", Maybe

Why The Word 'Woke' Encapsulates An Evil, Self-Defeating Ideology:

There are a few Facebook friends I have, mostly black, who use the "woke" designation. As near as I can tell, the extent of what they mean by it is "You FULLY agree with them, you own your white privilege to the point of considering suicide, and you HATE Western civilization and all things "American" ... not only were those past folks WHITE, but they were unkind to First Americans, invented the whole idea of enslaving black people out of whole evil cloth, and STILL need to get through their ("our", meaning anyone suffering from palladness) heads that they ought to have never existed, and their offspring SURE ought not exist!

The linked column however is pretty sure "woke" is a codeword for a vast Gnostic conspiricy, which I doubt, but does have some interesting ideas to consider:

The Gnostic mind sees the entire material world as imprisoned by a dark overlord and his subordinate archons. Famous depth psychologist and self-proclaimed Gnostic Carl Jung would call these characters archetypes, explaining archetypical realities universal to the human condition. They represent the ruling cultural symbols, institutions, and systems that shackle our minds. These include everything from the economic system to traditional family systems.
One can almost hear Morpheus saying "release your mind". So what is it that "woke" means to what I believe to be the few intellectual elite in universities that actually semi-believe the gnostic gtibberish?

It’s simple: anything that’s not white, patriarchal, capitalistic, and Christian. Leftists would say they’re anti-power, anti-archon, anti-fa. But notice this is a negative, not a positive. But that, too, is the nature of Gnosticism. As long as the world is material, the womb of un-woke minds will be at work, giving rise to an endless supply of systems and institutions of power to oppose. Likewise will the end state ever remain just out of reach, dreamy, phantasmic, and utopian.
That is the fuel of the Left. To be ever against and never attain. To beat one’s fists against the nature of reality because it’s what will never be. Sad, really.

Well, those certainly are the leftists we know well.

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Say Goodbye: NFL, Facebook

As I mowed the lawn this afternoon, the Billy Joel tune kept running through my mind. I was purposely doing something useful rather than even bother checking on any of the teams in that league where the players kneel for what used to be the national anthem of a great nation, yet stand for the anthem of the most imperialistic nation in the history of the world. The BOistani's are just not that into history, and BOistan needs to get a national anthem that it's historically illiterate people respect.

(BTW, I have HUGE respect for the history of England, I just know it makes America seem like a pansy in the lording it over people of color category).

 My pick right off would be this for the BOistan anthem:

When personal appetite is god, why not? I just hope there is a divorce and Iowa gets to be part of "America" (AGAIN!)! I strongly suspect that BOistan is headed for a divorce as opposed to a war ... Northeast and West Coast go to BOistan, middle gets to keep the old flag and national anthem from America, obviously BOistanis don't want it.

We don't agree on anything anymore, so why not just part ways? Illinois is bankrupt anyway ... just send the Chicago population to the coastal hell hole of their choice and bulldoze Chi-town. Once the festering boil of Chicago is gone, IL fits right into God's Country.

The Packers ruined my punchline for this tweet ...
In GB we have a street named after the man who wrote the Bill Of Rights. On…

My response was going to be "Your Bill Of Rights comments would have more weight if you could beat the Bengals" ... no matter, I have too many feeds to get them all shut off instantly. Too bad they won.

Politics corrupts EVERYTHING, and so it had to be with sport. Will I ever watch a game again? Oh, probably ... at a social event. I've never been the kind that shoots myself in the foot to make a point. My football interest was already waning given the whole Kapernick deal from last year, today just showed me how screwed up it really is. No more illusions, the TV cord has been cut here since spring and it will stay cut.

A bunch of multi-multi millionaire players and billionaire owners making "statements" by taking a knee for the flag and national anthem of what used to be a great country. Super. Certainly they "have a right", and I have a right to ignore them as much as possible.

A friend forwarded the following link to NFL arrest statistics ... the page helpfully points out that the rate is "lower than the general US rate". Most likely true ... I wonder how that would work out "income adjusted"?

Which brings me to FB.

I used to cross post my blog, but felt that it was too much "in your face" for people that didn't care about what I thought about things ... some people have trouble not clicking, and just ignoring it even if they click.  FB was more for pictures of kids, grandkids, saying happy birthday, health updates / requests for prayers, trip pics, pets, etc.

Much like football, I'm not going all holier than thou and "leaving FB", I'm just resolving to not bother to check it much. I'm not going to waste the time to try to get my feeds fixed so I don't see a bunch of crap that I no longer care about, and I'm certainly not going to try to "unfriend" or "hide" all the folks that I'm never going to remotely agree with on hardly anything except hoping they have a happy birthday, they and theirs are happy, healthy and hopefully in God's grace for as long as they stay in this vale of tears.

SO, if I miss your birthday, anniversary, or fail to "like" something that you expected me to, it is NOT "personal", it is just that the signal to noise on FB has just slipped over into the "time waster" category WAY too far ... send me a personal message. I'll nearly certainly see that since I run messenger!

AND, if you want to keep track of me, have my blog e-mailed, it is REALLY is easy! Near the top of the Blog, SEE RED ARROW!  

Saturday, September 23, 2017

News From Lake Goofy Be Gone

Minnesota cage match, 2017 edition (7) | Power Line:

A short review for those that live in places with sane governors and a semi-intelligent population. MN has a heavily medicated  top 1% wealth trust fund loon for a governor with a "D" next to his name, with both houses of the legislature in R hands. The governor and the legislature finally worked out a budget with fear and loathing last summer, he signed it, but "felt bad" (went on the sauce again, went off his meds ... both?), and decided to line item veto the funding for the legislature.

The legislature took it to the SCOMN saying helpfully that if the governor can zero out whole branches of government, then he could just zero out justice as well, and he would be king."

HOWEVER, 4 members of the SCOMN were appointed by Gov Goofy, so, partisanship being stronger than law these days, they dedided to "demand the parties sit down and work this out with a mediator". In MN, blackmail is supposed to net the blackmailer SOMETHING -- if they are a D of course.

For those that understand the basics of government, the JOB of the court is to INTERPRET and RULE on things like "line item veto". The court helpfully pointed out that a line item veto is a line item veto, however if it zeros out one of the branches of government it is unconstitiution" ... but never mind, we are all D's here, so "law" is secondary ... please get us off the hook so we don't have to do our jobs and do an actual ruling".

Naturally, D's around the state have pointed out that the Constitution didn't SAY that the governor could not end whole branches of government. For the un-initiated, there are LOTS of things that any law doesn't SAY ... it doesn't say that the governor may not just blow up the capitol building, or turn it into a brothel, or close 494 so he can roller skate on it, or declare the Vikings to be a ballet group -- the things that the law DOESN'T say is literally ENDLESS!

Loonistan is not however a rational state, so Governor Goofy is VERY pissed that the legislature "lied to him" ... you see, when he zeroed out their funding he expected them to be DEAD, and most of all to SHUT THE F UP! But no, after stabbing them in the back, they had the unmitigated gall to attempt to find means to stay alive!

Goofy never expected this sort of over malfesance! In a Governor Goofy action flick, when the evil bad guy with the crazy eyes (see tape of Goofy) shot the good guy in the back, the good guy would just lay there and bleed out quietly. But NO! These damned legistlators are trying to make a fight of it -- they are trying to find sources of funding and in fact HAVE found such funding so they can fight on like some crazy NY Cop in an LA high rise with no shoes and feet cut by glass!

Goofy is VERY angry about this, so  his eyes are rolling around in opposite directions and screaming TILT!!

Ah, Loonisota, where all the women are manly, the men are afraid, and children are receiving above average meds.

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Socialism, Justice and Equality To Eating Your Pets

Venezuela's Starving People Are Now Eating The Zoo Animals - The Parisians Had The German Excuse:

There ought to be quote by some famous person that goes something like "Sociaism begins with promises of justice and equality,  and ends with you eating your pets'.

If I ever become famous, there will be!

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Anti-Trump Meme Apologetics

This highly reasoned meme showed up on a persons FB feed who had unfriended me long ago, but was commented on by someone who is still a "friend", so I got to see it and comment. The lefty who had unfriended me lives in a tidy world where all leftward positions are 100% truth, and anyone in disagreement is either misinformed or willfully evil. Our world is essentially juvenile -- FaceBook is so much like junior high. 

The following is my response which I thought I would capture for future reference when confronted with the "well, certainly, nobody with any intelligence could POSSIBLY support Trump at this point!". 

The simplest answer for me though is always "Henny Youngman". Who when asked "How is your wife"? Would say "Compared to what?". This vale of tears is and always will be a Henny Youngman world of COMPARED TO WHAT! (relative)

So how is Trump compared to ??? impeachment? Pence? Paul Ryan? An imaginary perfect president? Rocket Man? ... The entire line of reasoning is simply fallicious. Even Hillary seems to be beginning to recognize that she didn't win the election, even though she is still working to list ALL of the other people and situations responsible for that ... no doubt a list that will extend into eternity as she sits in her own private space of hell working to explain how others failed her in this life. 

Anyway ... a few simple reasons for Trump, although, if you follow the links, it is "War and Peace". Enjoy. 

1). I saw 8 years of BO as the end of "America". I now live in BOistan, and 2016 was a "Russian Roulette" election for me ... absolute political death vs a good chance of political death. This is well covered here

2).Other than "deploreables", the main reason that Trump won is that Christians finally accepted that BOistan is not a Christian nation. We can't expect a Christian in the WH, but we can at least hope for representation that doesn't try to put us in jail for not celebrating gay "marriage"

3). Remotely traditional values, Christian old time independent hard working Americans have no representation in BOistan. It certainly isn't the "Republican" party as seen by their failure to repeal the main thing they lied about to gain power the past 8 years (BOcare).

They want to WORK, they see the state corrupting their rural values, culture and most of all their FAMILIES as it did the inner cities since the '60s, and they see Trump as the only thin reed of hope they have.

For me, Trump is the ONLY mild alternative to steady decline that we have had since Reagan -- Reagan "resisted", Trump fights!

If anything like America is ever to be restored, it is going to be a VAST undertaking ... Buckley called the decline in "God and Man At Yale"

I'll support Trump until there is an alternative. BOistan is politically enemy territory to me -- politically blowing it up is eminently preferable to seeing a lawless, amoral, secular humanist, financially bankrupt, ever more intrusive state increasingly become incapable of even understanding what it was that made it so.

The tribes that make up BOistan are now so far apart that communication is increasingly impossible, thus we have "memes", which are just extended name calling in pictures. My guess is that this impasse ends in "divorce" vs "civil war" ... I don't see either side "winning", and I very much doubt that either side really cares enough for an actual war. 

Adams said it best ... America was only possible with shared religious values, when we lost those, we lost America.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

JFK Killed 58K Americans to Look Tough

The Kennedy-Khrushchev Conference for Dummies:

Most of the readers of this blog know the truth about "Camelot". A rather lackluster playboy of 43 years became the youngest elected to the presidency -- not the youngest to serve, an honor that goes to Teddy Roosevelt who took over from assassinated McKinley at age 42.

Other than having his PT boat run down by a Japanese destroyer, having a book ghostrwirtten for him by Ted Sorenson ("Profiles in Crime : The Kennedy Way" .... mis-titled "Profiles in Courage") and MOST of all having a nasty bootlegging Nazi supporter father that financed his rise to the highest office in the land. Jack's modest accomplishments were followed by REALLY modest "accomplishments" as president.

The Joe Kennedy quote that really shows how the Kennedys got us really sliding toward BOistan is "Don't buy a single vote more than necessary. I'll be damned if I'm going to pay for a landslide." And he didn't ... he paid for a LOSS, but Richard Nixon was an honorable man that believed in America, so he conceded, realizing how long and nasty the exposure of how crooked elections really were would be. JFK was "elected" by the Chicago dead vote.

The whole linked column is not that long and a worthy read, but here is the hay-maker for me ...

Summarizing Kennedy's own evaluation of the aftermath of the Vienna conference in his 2003 biography of Kennedy, Robert Dallek writes that Kennedy "now needed to convince Khrushchev that he could not be pushed around, and the best place currently to make U.S. power credible seemed to be in Vietnam."
And there you have it ... 58K young American lives sacrificed so a hapless president could attempt to "look tough" while doing infinite damage to US credibility.

Oh, the Kennedy legacy

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Chappaquiddick Kopechne Kennedy BOistan

A Chappaquiddick Reckoning At Last? [With Comment by John] | Power Line:

There are lots of points that could be argued as the true point at which the decline of America into BOistan was sealed, but Chappaquiddick is certainly an obvious one. As Buckley foreshadowed with  "God and Man At Yale", the seeds were carefully sown -- it was just a matter of time before they bore their noxious fruit. The fact that the Moon Landing was happening as the essence of the corruption of the American system was playing out lends a Biblical cast to the events of that day. We reached our peak ... but we were falling as we reached it.

Forty-eight years later, let’s be clear on what the meaning of Chappaquiddick is. Ted Kennedy should, by all rights, have stood trial for involuntary manslaughter, which would likely have ended his political career. The fact that the Kennedy family — the original postwar dynasty of the one percent — possessed, and exerted, the influence to squash the case is the essence of what Chappaquiddick means. The Kennedy's lived outside the law; the one documented instance in American history of an illegally stolen presidential election was the election of John F. Kennedy in 1960. He lost the race to Richard Nixon, but his father sealed the presidency for him by manipulating the vote tallies in Illinois. That’s the meaning of Chappaquiddick. too.
The Kennedy Crime Family was a family founded on bootlegging. It gained power through stealing the presidency in the 1960 election, and it bore poisonous fruit on July 18th 1969.

The fact that the dominant political party in the old "United States", THE PARTY (TP-D) was able to allow a sitting US Senator to effectively murder a young woman in his employ and yet continue on as a Senator showed that morality was a dead issue for TP. POWER was the only coin that mattered, and it would be 30 years later before the Clinton Crime Family would make it clear that TP POWER was able to hold even the White House in the face of any breech of law, standards, or morality as Slick Wille stained the blue dress and the oval office with it.

TP established the death of morality, law, and even decency in the old "America", and the culmination of that "victory" was the ascension of BO to power. BO established the end of the Constitution and the Separation of Powers, ushering in BOistan and the age of Trump.

We still have no clue as to the direction which Trump may move this failed tribal state, however we ought to all understand how we got to this point.

I don’t say any of this as a right-wing troll. But those are the facts, and they are facts that liberals, too often, have been willing to shove under the carpet. And they have paid the price. Ted Kennedy became known as “the Lion of the Senate,” and did a lot of good, but when you try to build a governing philosophy on top of lies, one way or another those lies will come back to haunt you. (Hello, Donald Trump! He’s an incompetent bully, but his middle name might be “Liberal Karma.”) As a movie, “Chappaquiddick” doesn’t embellish the incidents it shows us, because it doesn’t have to. It simply delivers the truth of what happened: the logistical truth of the accident, and also the squirmy truth of what went on in Ted Kennedy’s soul. The result may play like avid prose rather than investigative cinema poetry, but it still adds up to a movie that achieves what too few American political dramas do: a reckoning.
I still hope that Trump may want to bring us back to "America" ... "greatness" is a long way off. That is very likely wishful thinking, but it was TP that took us down the path of lawlessness and amorality. That much is very clear to anyone that pays attention.

As a parent, and now a grandparent of the most beautiful granddaughter in the history of the universe, I can't imagine my anguish if she had died in the back of Teddy's car at Chappaquiddick. I strongly suspect my Christianity would not have been enough to have prevented my taking Teddy's life in as horrible a fashion as possible, but I am not proud of that sentiment ... it is just true.

We need to remember the name of Mary Jo Kopechne with honor and reverence. Her death was a greater loss to America than all the wars fought with honor. This was the moral 911 of America ... look, think, and imagine your daughter, wife, or granddaughter as Mary Jo. You know the truth, ACT! It is NEVER too late if you can swallow your pride and see the evil for what it is!

How can you run when you see her dead ....?

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Religious Hatred, Religious Tests

Democratic McCarthyites | The American Conservative:

We need to all get this straight.

FIRST, The Southern Poverty Law Center is a HATE GROUP if such a thing exists at all. It ought not ... hate is an emotion, speech is speech. There ought not be any "hate crimes" either -- crimes are actions, hate is an emotion. Yes, yes, we can assume that at the point at which you murder somebody you have at least a "mild dislike" for them or their recent behavior, but the issue is the CRIME or lack thereof. If they took action that put you in "fear for your life or great bodily harm, and no lesser force would prevent it", then shooting them or bashing in their head with a 2x4 could be completely justified as self defense.

There are some nice gun scenes that led up to this, but I find the following to be the most important of the movie.

The iron in the words of life and the words of death come from HONOR ... something that Franken nor the current denizens of the beltway have any understanding of. Our Constitution was signed in blood, as were the papers that ended the Civil War. Men understood that there was honor on both sides -- thus we have statues of Civil War heroes who "lost", but fought with honor -- something those wanting to tear down statues today have no understanding of.

SECOND, The Alliance Defending Freedom defends life itself, because God is life  -- without which there can never be any honor. Both Muslims and Christians hold homosexuality to be a sin -- a sin against God and against nature because it strikes directy at the nature and relationship of man and woman. Only Satan and his followers would declare God, the source of Love, life and free will to be "hate". Satan is the father of lies -- as BOistan has descended into paganism it has also descended into Satanism, since that is the opposite of worshiping God, not "unbelief".

THIRD, Totalitarianism requires the destruction of memory. Less than a decade ago in 2008, BOTH Democrat candidates for president were firmly on record as being against gay "marriage" because marriage between one man and one woman was a sacred and cultural bulwark. Now, less than a decade later, that is completely forgotten, and failure to CELEBRATE gay "marriage" is touted as a "hate crime" by a sitting US Senator (all be it a clownish imbecile of a senator, but never the less). Orwell knew of what he spoke -- BOistan lacks memory of America.

Man is created to SERVE ... we all serve God or Satan. That is the choice which we are allowed to make through our free will.

Without God, Love and Honor, there can be no life, love or law. Only hatred, power,  and death. Al Franken, Diane Feinstein and the Southern Poverty Hate Center have chosen Satan and death.

Choose God and life!

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I Want To Give You Herpes Less Popular Than Buy Your Own Beer

Teflon Don confounds Democrats - POLITICO:

I didn't manage to make it ALL the way to the bottom of this, but the message is all in my title. Yes, sex is popular, however if coupled with Herpes, AIDs, Syphilis, etc, it is a bit less enticing -- the Democrats "FREE!!!" college, miniumum wage, Medicare for all, etc have started to sound like FREE sex complete with nasty diseases.

There is nothing about much of anything in government these days to make people want to worship it -- Trump may not be doing it any favors, but Ryan, Pelosi, Schumer, etc are certainly not doing it any favors. Certainly the media is treating the Menendez criminal corruption trial like a state secret -- oh, wait, I guess they are treating it like a "Democrat criminal trial", "state secrets" they blab all over if they damage Republicans ... neever mind!

Oh, and Hildebeast. Is there ANYONE that isn't embarrassed for her and for our whole nation to have kept her around this long? Sure, she has always been an unlikeable ham handed criminal and  social idiot, but SERIOUSLY? "What went wrong"? ... Hillary Clinton!

Yes, you summed it up nicely on the cover.

The Democrat message of "WE HATE TRUMP" is certainly clear, however very old, and it was never what one would call "news". Trump has worked, made money even -- of course they hate him, they hate everyone that works and makes money!

One thing about Democrats, they are nigh on always certain -- even if it is just that they are certain they are confounded.

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Saturday, September 09, 2017

Dueling Comey Drafts

Comey wrote draft exoneration of Clinton months before July 2016 announcement - CNNPolitics:

The second linked article about the draft letter that is taking up all the MSM space -- a draft that Trump wrote and passed around prior to his firing of Comey that the Special Council is poring over for evidence of Trump attempting to "obstruct justice" by firing Comey.

When there is an R next to your name, the bar for "obstructing justice" is mighty low.

When there is a D next to your name OTOH, you can be caught lying under oath in an investigation like Slick Willie, "wipe your server" like Hildebeast, or just decide to let crimes slide for political purposes as BO, Loretta Lunch, and Comey did with the Hildebeast investigation -- the subject of the first linked article above which has gotten next to no MSM attention, well, you are a D. D's don't "obstruct justice", since they don't believe in justice. They believe in politics, and power -- whatever they do they do to gain power, and putting D's in power is the main mission of the MSM and Administrative State, so that is just fine -- admirable even.

Whatever it is that Hillary or anyone else with a D next to their name did or does, for the D tribe including the MSM and most of the legal stystem, is simply not an issue. We live in a post truth age -- without truth, the day to day will of the tribe is all that matters.

Vast numbers of BOistanis have simply quit caring in one way or another, and I definitely understand the impulse. There is really no reason beyond pure intellectual curiosity to look beyond the bounds of whatever reporting you like for your particular tribe. Nobody is going to have a "discussion" of "facts", since for probably 90% of the country, they look at either no news, or only the news that agrees with the views of their particular tribe.

I give a major hat tip to Power Line blog. They definitely have a conservative bias, however they pick up news from both sides and provide analysis -- naturally, their analysis has a rightish bias, however regular reading of Power Line at least gives exposure to both sides. Their slant on the Mueller / Trump draft memo is interesting.

The real scoop in the Times’ story appears towards the end. Schmidt and Haberman write that on May 8:

"Mr. McGahn [the White Counsel] gave Mr. Miller [a top Trump adviser who worked on the “early draft” letter] a marked-up copy of the letter, highlighting several sections that he believed needed to be removed."
"Mr. McGahn met again that same day with Mr. Trump and told him that if he fired Mr. Comey, the Russia investigation would not go away. Mr. Trump told him, according to senior administration officials, that he understood that firing the F.B.I. director might extend the Russia investigation, but that he wanted to do it anyway."
(Emphasis added) 
If Trump said this, then we should conclude that the firing of Comey was not an attempt to halt the Russia investigation. To the contrary, Trump made the move understanding that it might “extend” the investigation.
I’m not saying that it’s beyond the capability of Mueller’s dream team of anti-Trump lawyers to weave an obstruction of justice case against the president. I am suggesting that such a case likely would not pass the straight-face test.

As if Comey writing a "secret declassified memo" indicating how he wanted things handled by the Deep State, including the Special Counsel, would ever let anything about the Mueller Witchhunt pass a "smell", "straight face", or any sort of other test of propriety. As Newt put it:

So, what we have here is a fired FBI director, who leaked private material to the press, so he could get his friend appointed as a special counsel in order to take retribution on the President – with the aid of a department full of federal lawyers who would have rather seen Hillary in the White House. And we are supposed to believe this will be an objective, unbiased investigation?

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Friday, September 08, 2017

Trump Less Unpopular Than BO

How Unpopular Is Donald Trump? | Power Line:

Next to the heartbreak of psoriasis and diarreah, BO has always been pretty unpopular, so this is no surprise.

OTOH, everyone LOVES Trump ... if YOU have the Trump!

The linked shows us BO in August of 2011 with a -26 Stronly Approve / Disapprove. The same pollster currently shows Trump at -14. AND I might add, BO achieved his rather lackluster number with 24x7 media worship, and Trump achieves his number with 24x7 CRISIS! IMPEACHMENT! HORROR! ...

The bottom line here is never pay any attention to the MSM telling you about polls ... which fits with never pay any attention to the MSM rather well.

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Thursday, September 07, 2017

Trump Genius! STAY DOWN!

The Daily 202: Trump’s triangulation shows what might have been - The Washington Post:

The biggest takeaway from the rather longish and confused linked column is "the beltway is confused". I thought the following was instructive ...

"The path of least resistance, the path of popularity for him, is to dismiss the demands of Congressional Republicans on virtually everything except abortion, judges, education, free speech, and regulations.”
I love the "free speech" one ... WaPo definitely recognizes that if there is any constituency at all for the 1st Amendment, it is the Republican party. It sure isn't "The Party" (TP-D) and it's captive media including the WaPo! Life as the US version of "Pravda" is MUCH simpler!

As far as Ryan and McConnell go, I'm not buying the "free speech" interest -- they are totally swamp creatures, and they failed Trump and his voters MASSIVELY on BOcare. BOcare has been the BIG kick in the balls to working people. It has allowed them to see in very vivid numbers how a small but significant increase in earned income can move them from "free" healthcare that is gold plated to unaffordable MANDATORY healthcare that they can't afford in either premiums or deductables.

The message from TP is STAY DOWN! We BEAT YOU! Just STAY DOWN! Are you people really so stupid that you can't just pop another cold one, flip on daytime TV and ride the gravy train? Have we not made it completely and totally clear that you are NOT GOING TO MAKE IT up any income ladder?

Certainly the WaPo, the beltway Republicans, the Adminstrative State and TP have been certain since the second term of BO that America was defeated and BOistan would move on in blessed totalitarianism (from their POV). Much like when Rocky came out in '76, TP and the Davos rulers are certain that "it's over".

And it certainly may be, but Trump is definitely the wild card! He clearly has the WaPo completely confused. They LOVE seeing him work with their gang Schumer and Pelosi, but of course they HATE TRUMP! Is it "brilliant triangulation", or is it another Trump head fake? They don't know, and neither do I.

I loved this ...

Trump is toxic to most Democrats because of his personal behavior and his reaction to events like Charlottesville. Not to mention rescinding DACA, instituting the travel ban, pardoning Joe Arpaio, firing James Comey, etc., etc.

"Toxic" to a DEMOCRAT? That is a lot like Charlie Manson suddenly lecturing on "personal behavior". You mean after Slick Willie, Harry Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Hildebeast and that paragon of ball kicking, BO ... "if you like your healthcare you can keep it", the D's have "principles"? Dear God, what they have is chutzpah! (well, not really, they just really really know how to lie BIG)

It took a long time to corrupt America to BOistan, Chappaquiddick is my pick for a good place to start getting worried about "toxic behavior" in leadership.

I loved Paul Ryan getting caught with his pants way around his ankles today ...

A "bi-partisan moment" with two hurricans to deal with? Ya think? After congress screwed Trump and all his voters over royally on BOcare? Duh. The RINOs used the debt ceiling as a fake issue to make it seem like they might stand up to BO ... when they were itching to use it with Trump as well, they showed their true colors.

NPR was completely flumoxed today ... they HATE Trump. They "tolerate" Ryan and McConnell as long as they stay RINOs. Naturally they LOVE Schumer and Pelosi,  but wait!,  Chuckie and Nancy made a deal with TRUMP! So what to do? Let's see, the debt ceiling is raised, a bunch of money is going to Harvey victims,  and Chuck and Nancy are heroes --- but WAIT! It't CAN'T BE! That makes Trump look GOOD !!!!! ... and there stands weenie Ryan with his bi-partisan pants around his ankles.

Today is of those days that makes Trump seem to be a complete GENIUS ... or so lucky that having that much luck is BETTER than being a genius!

Can Trump make America exist again (MAEA)? Today made it look like it was possible!

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Can Christianity Save The West (Again)?

Only Christianity Can Save the West... Again | Intellectual Takeout:

A worthy read of the history of Western thought. A teaser ...

Today, we find ourselves in a postmodern world whose greatest prophet was Nietzsche. He warned people of the West that, in their return to a de-Christianized Hellenism, they had lost the metaphysical foundation for their big ideas (which were never really separable from the Christianity that had filtered Hellenism to modern man). They had junked the framework in which those ideas made sense. Apart from that framework, he foresaw that the intellectual thinness of those ideas would eventually be unmasked, and the ideologies that come to shape society will do so as the result of “the will to power.”

If Nietzsche is right, it’s not about ideas anymore in the modern, secular West. To paraphrase Stalin, it’s about how many divisions you have.
Or as I like to say ... POWER! Stalin is supposed to have once asked; "The Pope? How many divisions does he have?" 

As John Paul with Reagan's able aid might have answered "Enough to kick your commie ass Joey!"

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A Little Trump Truth From a Dog

I suspsect that besides risking advertisers and their balls, the other reason that shows like SNL tend to avoid making fun of liberals is that it is too damned easy!

Talk about "Truth to Power"!