Friday, September 22, 2017

Anti-Trump Meme Apologetics

This highly reasoned meme showed up on a persons FB feed who had unfriended me long ago, but was commented on by someone who is still a "friend", so I got to see it and comment. The lefty who had unfriended me lives in a tidy world where all leftward positions are 100% truth, and anyone in disagreement is either misinformed or willfully evil. Our world is essentially juvenile -- FaceBook is so much like junior high. 

The following is my response which I thought I would capture for future reference when confronted with the "well, certainly, nobody with any intelligence could POSSIBLY support Trump at this point!". 

The simplest answer for me though is always "Henny Youngman". Who when asked "How is your wife"? Would say "Compared to what?". This vale of tears is and always will be a Henny Youngman world of COMPARED TO WHAT! (relative)

So how is Trump compared to ??? impeachment? Pence? Paul Ryan? An imaginary perfect president? Rocket Man? ... The entire line of reasoning is simply fallicious. Even Hillary seems to be beginning to recognize that she didn't win the election, even though she is still working to list ALL of the other people and situations responsible for that ... no doubt a list that will extend into eternity as she sits in her own private space of hell working to explain how others failed her in this life. 

Anyway ... a few simple reasons for Trump, although, if you follow the links, it is "War and Peace". Enjoy. 

1). I saw 8 years of BO as the end of "America". I now live in BOistan, and 2016 was a "Russian Roulette" election for me ... absolute political death vs a good chance of political death. This is well covered here

2).Other than "deploreables", the main reason that Trump won is that Christians finally accepted that BOistan is not a Christian nation. We can't expect a Christian in the WH, but we can at least hope for representation that doesn't try to put us in jail for not celebrating gay "marriage"

3). Remotely traditional values, Christian old time independent hard working Americans have no representation in BOistan. It certainly isn't the "Republican" party as seen by their failure to repeal the main thing they lied about to gain power the past 8 years (BOcare).

They want to WORK, they see the state corrupting their rural values, culture and most of all their FAMILIES as it did the inner cities since the '60s, and they see Trump as the only thin reed of hope they have.

For me, Trump is the ONLY mild alternative to steady decline that we have had since Reagan -- Reagan "resisted", Trump fights!

If anything like America is ever to be restored, it is going to be a VAST undertaking ... Buckley called the decline in "God and Man At Yale"

I'll support Trump until there is an alternative. BOistan is politically enemy territory to me -- politically blowing it up is eminently preferable to seeing a lawless, amoral, secular humanist, financially bankrupt, ever more intrusive state increasingly become incapable of even understanding what it was that made it so.

The tribes that make up BOistan are now so far apart that communication is increasingly impossible, thus we have "memes", which are just extended name calling in pictures. My guess is that this impasse ends in "divorce" vs "civil war" ... I don't see either side "winning", and I very much doubt that either side really cares enough for an actual war. 

Adams said it best ... America was only possible with shared religious values, when we lost those, we lost America.

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