Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Can Christianity Save The West (Again)?

Only Christianity Can Save the West... Again | Intellectual Takeout:

A worthy read of the history of Western thought. A teaser ...

Today, we find ourselves in a postmodern world whose greatest prophet was Nietzsche. He warned people of the West that, in their return to a de-Christianized Hellenism, they had lost the metaphysical foundation for their big ideas (which were never really separable from the Christianity that had filtered Hellenism to modern man). They had junked the framework in which those ideas made sense. Apart from that framework, he foresaw that the intellectual thinness of those ideas would eventually be unmasked, and the ideologies that come to shape society will do so as the result of “the will to power.”

If Nietzsche is right, it’s not about ideas anymore in the modern, secular West. To paraphrase Stalin, it’s about how many divisions you have.
Or as I like to say ... POWER! Stalin is supposed to have once asked; "The Pope? How many divisions does he have?" 

As John Paul with Reagan's able aid might have answered "Enough to kick your commie ass Joey!"

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