Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I Want To Give You Herpes Less Popular Than Buy Your Own Beer

Teflon Don confounds Democrats - POLITICO:

I didn't manage to make it ALL the way to the bottom of this, but the message is all in my title. Yes, sex is popular, however if coupled with Herpes, AIDs, Syphilis, etc, it is a bit less enticing -- the Democrats "FREE!!!" college, miniumum wage, Medicare for all, etc have started to sound like FREE sex complete with nasty diseases.

There is nothing about much of anything in government these days to make people want to worship it -- Trump may not be doing it any favors, but Ryan, Pelosi, Schumer, etc are certainly not doing it any favors. Certainly the media is treating the Menendez criminal corruption trial like a state secret -- oh, wait, I guess they are treating it like a "Democrat criminal trial", "state secrets" they blab all over if they damage Republicans ... neever mind!

Oh, and Hildebeast. Is there ANYONE that isn't embarrassed for her and for our whole nation to have kept her around this long? Sure, she has always been an unlikeable ham handed criminal and  social idiot, but SERIOUSLY? "What went wrong"? ... Hillary Clinton!

Yes, you summed it up nicely on the cover.

The Democrat message of "WE HATE TRUMP" is certainly clear, however very old, and it was never what one would call "news". Trump has worked, made money even -- of course they hate him, they hate everyone that works and makes money!

One thing about Democrats, they are nigh on always certain -- even if it is just that they are certain they are confounded.

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