Saturday, September 23, 2017

News From Lake Goofy Be Gone

Minnesota cage match, 2017 edition (7) | Power Line:

A short review for those that live in places with sane governors and a semi-intelligent population. MN has a heavily medicated  top 1% wealth trust fund loon for a governor with a "D" next to his name, with both houses of the legislature in R hands. The governor and the legislature finally worked out a budget with fear and loathing last summer, he signed it, but "felt bad" (went on the sauce again, went off his meds ... both?), and decided to line item veto the funding for the legislature.

The legislature took it to the SCOMN saying helpfully that if the governor can zero out whole branches of government, then he could just zero out justice as well, and he would be king."

HOWEVER, 4 members of the SCOMN were appointed by Gov Goofy, so, partisanship being stronger than law these days, they dedided to "demand the parties sit down and work this out with a mediator". In MN, blackmail is supposed to net the blackmailer SOMETHING -- if they are a D of course.

For those that understand the basics of government, the JOB of the court is to INTERPRET and RULE on things like "line item veto". The court helpfully pointed out that a line item veto is a line item veto, however if it zeros out one of the branches of government it is unconstitiution" ... but never mind, we are all D's here, so "law" is secondary ... please get us off the hook so we don't have to do our jobs and do an actual ruling".

Naturally, D's around the state have pointed out that the Constitution didn't SAY that the governor could not end whole branches of government. For the un-initiated, there are LOTS of things that any law doesn't SAY ... it doesn't say that the governor may not just blow up the capitol building, or turn it into a brothel, or close 494 so he can roller skate on it, or declare the Vikings to be a ballet group -- the things that the law DOESN'T say is literally ENDLESS!

Loonistan is not however a rational state, so Governor Goofy is VERY pissed that the legislature "lied to him" ... you see, when he zeroed out their funding he expected them to be DEAD, and most of all to SHUT THE F UP! But no, after stabbing them in the back, they had the unmitigated gall to attempt to find means to stay alive!

Goofy never expected this sort of over malfesance! In a Governor Goofy action flick, when the evil bad guy with the crazy eyes (see tape of Goofy) shot the good guy in the back, the good guy would just lay there and bleed out quietly. But NO! These damned legistlators are trying to make a fight of it -- they are trying to find sources of funding and in fact HAVE found such funding so they can fight on like some crazy NY Cop in an LA high rise with no shoes and feet cut by glass!

Goofy is VERY angry about this, so  his eyes are rolling around in opposite directions and screaming TILT!!

Ah, Loonisota, where all the women are manly, the men are afraid, and children are receiving above average meds.

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