Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Religious Hatred, Religious Tests

Democratic McCarthyites | The American Conservative:

We need to all get this straight.

FIRST, The Southern Poverty Law Center is a HATE GROUP if such a thing exists at all. It ought not ... hate is an emotion, speech is speech. There ought not be any "hate crimes" either -- crimes are actions, hate is an emotion. Yes, yes, we can assume that at the point at which you murder somebody you have at least a "mild dislike" for them or their recent behavior, but the issue is the CRIME or lack thereof. If they took action that put you in "fear for your life or great bodily harm, and no lesser force would prevent it", then shooting them or bashing in their head with a 2x4 could be completely justified as self defense.

There are some nice gun scenes that led up to this, but I find the following to be the most important of the movie.

The iron in the words of life and the words of death come from HONOR ... something that Franken nor the current denizens of the beltway have any understanding of. Our Constitution was signed in blood, as were the papers that ended the Civil War. Men understood that there was honor on both sides -- thus we have statues of Civil War heroes who "lost", but fought with honor -- something those wanting to tear down statues today have no understanding of.

SECOND, The Alliance Defending Freedom defends life itself, because God is life  -- without which there can never be any honor. Both Muslims and Christians hold homosexuality to be a sin -- a sin against God and against nature because it strikes directy at the nature and relationship of man and woman. Only Satan and his followers would declare God, the source of Love, life and free will to be "hate". Satan is the father of lies -- as BOistan has descended into paganism it has also descended into Satanism, since that is the opposite of worshiping God, not "unbelief".

THIRD, Totalitarianism requires the destruction of memory. Less than a decade ago in 2008, BOTH Democrat candidates for president were firmly on record as being against gay "marriage" because marriage between one man and one woman was a sacred and cultural bulwark. Now, less than a decade later, that is completely forgotten, and failure to CELEBRATE gay "marriage" is touted as a "hate crime" by a sitting US Senator (all be it a clownish imbecile of a senator, but never the less). Orwell knew of what he spoke -- BOistan lacks memory of America.

Man is created to SERVE ... we all serve God or Satan. That is the choice which we are allowed to make through our free will.

Without God, Love and Honor, there can be no life, love or law. Only hatred, power,  and death. Al Franken, Diane Feinstein and the Southern Poverty Hate Center have chosen Satan and death.

Choose God and life!

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