Thursday, September 07, 2017

Trump Genius! STAY DOWN!

The Daily 202: Trump’s triangulation shows what might have been - The Washington Post:

The biggest takeaway from the rather longish and confused linked column is "the beltway is confused". I thought the following was instructive ...

"The path of least resistance, the path of popularity for him, is to dismiss the demands of Congressional Republicans on virtually everything except abortion, judges, education, free speech, and regulations.”
I love the "free speech" one ... WaPo definitely recognizes that if there is any constituency at all for the 1st Amendment, it is the Republican party. It sure isn't "The Party" (TP-D) and it's captive media including the WaPo! Life as the US version of "Pravda" is MUCH simpler!

As far as Ryan and McConnell go, I'm not buying the "free speech" interest -- they are totally swamp creatures, and they failed Trump and his voters MASSIVELY on BOcare. BOcare has been the BIG kick in the balls to working people. It has allowed them to see in very vivid numbers how a small but significant increase in earned income can move them from "free" healthcare that is gold plated to unaffordable MANDATORY healthcare that they can't afford in either premiums or deductables.

The message from TP is STAY DOWN! We BEAT YOU! Just STAY DOWN! Are you people really so stupid that you can't just pop another cold one, flip on daytime TV and ride the gravy train? Have we not made it completely and totally clear that you are NOT GOING TO MAKE IT up any income ladder?

Certainly the WaPo, the beltway Republicans, the Adminstrative State and TP have been certain since the second term of BO that America was defeated and BOistan would move on in blessed totalitarianism (from their POV). Much like when Rocky came out in '76, TP and the Davos rulers are certain that "it's over".

And it certainly may be, but Trump is definitely the wild card! He clearly has the WaPo completely confused. They LOVE seeing him work with their gang Schumer and Pelosi, but of course they HATE TRUMP! Is it "brilliant triangulation", or is it another Trump head fake? They don't know, and neither do I.

I loved this ...

Trump is toxic to most Democrats because of his personal behavior and his reaction to events like Charlottesville. Not to mention rescinding DACA, instituting the travel ban, pardoning Joe Arpaio, firing James Comey, etc., etc.

"Toxic" to a DEMOCRAT? That is a lot like Charlie Manson suddenly lecturing on "personal behavior". You mean after Slick Willie, Harry Reid, Pelosi, Schumer, Hildebeast and that paragon of ball kicking, BO ... "if you like your healthcare you can keep it", the D's have "principles"? Dear God, what they have is chutzpah! (well, not really, they just really really know how to lie BIG)

It took a long time to corrupt America to BOistan, Chappaquiddick is my pick for a good place to start getting worried about "toxic behavior" in leadership.

I loved Paul Ryan getting caught with his pants way around his ankles today ...

A "bi-partisan moment" with two hurricans to deal with? Ya think? After congress screwed Trump and all his voters over royally on BOcare? Duh. The RINOs used the debt ceiling as a fake issue to make it seem like they might stand up to BO ... when they were itching to use it with Trump as well, they showed their true colors.

NPR was completely flumoxed today ... they HATE Trump. They "tolerate" Ryan and McConnell as long as they stay RINOs. Naturally they LOVE Schumer and Pelosi,  but wait!,  Chuckie and Nancy made a deal with TRUMP! So what to do? Let's see, the debt ceiling is raised, a bunch of money is going to Harvey victims,  and Chuck and Nancy are heroes --- but WAIT! It't CAN'T BE! That makes Trump look GOOD !!!!! ... and there stands weenie Ryan with his bi-partisan pants around his ankles.

Today is of those days that makes Trump seem to be a complete GENIUS ... or so lucky that having that much luck is BETTER than being a genius!

Can Trump make America exist again (MAEA)? Today made it look like it was possible!

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