Friday, September 08, 2017

Trump Less Unpopular Than BO

How Unpopular Is Donald Trump? | Power Line:

Next to the heartbreak of psoriasis and diarreah, BO has always been pretty unpopular, so this is no surprise.

OTOH, everyone LOVES Trump ... if YOU have the Trump!

The linked shows us BO in August of 2011 with a -26 Stronly Approve / Disapprove. The same pollster currently shows Trump at -14. AND I might add, BO achieved his rather lackluster number with 24x7 media worship, and Trump achieves his number with 24x7 CRISIS! IMPEACHMENT! HORROR! ...

The bottom line here is never pay any attention to the MSM telling you about polls ... which fits with never pay any attention to the MSM rather well.

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