Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"Woke", Maybe

Why The Word 'Woke' Encapsulates An Evil, Self-Defeating Ideology:

There are a few Facebook friends I have, mostly black, who use the "woke" designation. As near as I can tell, the extent of what they mean by it is "You FULLY agree with them, you own your white privilege to the point of considering suicide, and you HATE Western civilization and all things "American" ... not only were those past folks WHITE, but they were unkind to First Americans, invented the whole idea of enslaving black people out of whole evil cloth, and STILL need to get through their ("our", meaning anyone suffering from palladness) heads that they ought to have never existed, and their offspring SURE ought not exist!

The linked column however is pretty sure "woke" is a codeword for a vast Gnostic conspiricy, which I doubt, but does have some interesting ideas to consider:

The Gnostic mind sees the entire material world as imprisoned by a dark overlord and his subordinate archons. Famous depth psychologist and self-proclaimed Gnostic Carl Jung would call these characters archetypes, explaining archetypical realities universal to the human condition. They represent the ruling cultural symbols, institutions, and systems that shackle our minds. These include everything from the economic system to traditional family systems.
One can almost hear Morpheus saying "release your mind". So what is it that "woke" means to what I believe to be the few intellectual elite in universities that actually semi-believe the gnostic gtibberish?

It’s simple: anything that’s not white, patriarchal, capitalistic, and Christian. Leftists would say they’re anti-power, anti-archon, anti-fa. But notice this is a negative, not a positive. But that, too, is the nature of Gnosticism. As long as the world is material, the womb of un-woke minds will be at work, giving rise to an endless supply of systems and institutions of power to oppose. Likewise will the end state ever remain just out of reach, dreamy, phantasmic, and utopian.
That is the fuel of the Left. To be ever against and never attain. To beat one’s fists against the nature of reality because it’s what will never be. Sad, really.

Well, those certainly are the leftists we know well.

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