Saturday, October 07, 2017

Goldilocks Moon

Without the Moon, Would There Be Life on Earth? - Scientific American:

If you want to have faith in the story of evolution on earth, you need a Goldilocks moon ... not too big, not too small, just the right distance away, and appearing early in the history of the planet. Given just the right universe, you could win the lottery every time you played -- with randomness, all things are possible, it just takes A LOT of attempts ... current science thinks something around 10 400 when the number of atoms in THIS universe estimated to be 1080 in for us to be here now I'm betting that the number of required universes in the now required multiverse will rise a good deal from 400 to something more like 104000 as more things like moon effects needed for intelligent life are found.

The rather good (from a geek perspective) article has quite a lot to say about how life on earth is likely influenced heavily by our Goldilocks moon, and concludes with this:

"Still, as Bruce Lieberman, a paleobiologist at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, points out: "I suspect that eventually life would have made land without the tides. But the lineages that ultimately gave rise to humans were at first intertidal.""
 So from a POV of "science" we "know" that the evolution that created humans happened because of our moon. In the old sort of Science, there would be observations that showed how this happened and experiments you ran in order to "know" assuming the epistemological belief system you chose to accept on faith in order to see this as "fact".

In what passes for "science" these days, "there exists a story that aligns with things we can see that would allow life to get to where we are today, therefore this story must be true" ... assuming a multiverse and at least 10 400 universes, Ergo, OBVIOUS!

Only a fool would doubt such clairity.

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