Saturday, October 28, 2017

How Many Genders Are There?

Trump’s Road to 2024 - The New York Times:

There are two answers to that. The scientific answer;  TWO ... women have two X chromosomes and men have an X and a Y, and the "socially constructed" answer which is somewhere north of 50 as we write this with FB still clinging to 58 genders and other gender sites north of 70 and rising.

Can a Democratic candidate for president answer to how many genders there are? I doubt it.
Coughlin went on: “A Democratic Party that can’t tell me how many genders there are, that ain’t flying in this country.”
I'm not so sure of that claim -- we DO have gay "marriage", and there is a whole bunch of "transgender" stuff floating around in a lot of states. Is it more "anti-science" to believe in 50+ genders, or to imagine that there could be other things responsible for climate change on planet earth given ice core data?

The columnist informs us that there are NOW two definitions of truth in the US.

There are now two definitions of truth in the United States. The first is that a truthful statement is one that conforms to facts or reality. By this standard, President Trump is a serial liar. 
The second is that truth is “telling it like it is,” or speaking in a direct, unvarnished way without regard to political correctness or the offense it may give. By this measure, for millions of supporters, Trump is the most honest president ever.
So which standard would a media that reports there are 50+ genders and that Anthropogenic Global Warming is "settled science" be adhereing to? "facts/reality", or "speaking directly"?  How about "If you like your health insurance you can keep it?"

Trump winks at white supremacists, thrives on confrontation and debases the Oval Office.
I remain completely baffled how anyone could "debase the Oval Office" after Slick Willie stained it indellibly and the same sort of folks as the guy writing the column defended his right to ejaculation at the office with a female employee -- a "right" shared in very few offices in the US. It has been well debased already, I've seen no "debasement" from Trump that even holds a candle to Slick. I found BO's "apology tour" to well exceed anything from Trump so far.

Trump certainly DOES thrive on confrontation -- many politicians have, BO certainly did, as well as Slick Willie and to some degree Reagan. "Winks at white supremacists"? Yes, I understand the media sorely wants that to be the Trump MO, however that doesn't really fit under the "conforms to facts or reality" rubric, does it?

Fake News has been the coin of the left for longer than my lifetime. Certainly once the "Fairness Doctrine" (only left wing news allowed!) was dropped, Fox and talk radio started doing it as well, but this is much like teens discovering, OMG! Mom and Dad must have had sex!

The bottom line here is that at least some folks on the left are starting to figure out that their odds of impeaching Trump are not what they had hoped, and their odds of beating him are certainly not a dead certainty.

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