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Prayer, Gun Control, Articles of Faith

Right and Left React to the Las Vegas Shooting and the Gun Control Debate - The New York Times:

I find the article interesting in that it is a rare case where the NY Times actually provides both the view from the left and right on a subject, in this case Gun Control post Los Vegas shooting.

What does the Bible have to say?
4 Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”
Man lives by faith. True faith is faith in Christ, false faith is faith in government, human nature, science,  people around you, that there is no God (atheism), your insurance company, retirement savings, your own "good sense" or intelligence, etc. Again, this is not to say that all the temporal forms of faith are ALWAYS false, only that they are temporal, limited, conditional and especially likely to fail you at times of crisis. (lots of prayers to God in foxholes)

So in the face of tragedy, those whose primary faith is in God, PRAY, because they realize that in the long run God is ALL that counts, and in the short run, he is the one with true power.

Increasingly, those on the left reject and even malign the faith of Christians in their prayers, increaseingly making their faith in government as their "god" more expicit. They are STILL "praying", however in their case their god is government, so it goes something like this:

Our government who is in DC, Hallowed be thy name,
Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,
In every inch of this territory as it is in DC,
Give us this day our daily handouts, and forgive us our debts (especially the $20 trillion and rising)
As we forgive no-one, and want to see those that disagree with us punished
and give us our pleasures, and insure we are free from seing Christianity, so we are not bothered ...

The faiths are remarkably similar on Gun Control. No Christian is going to explain to you exactly HOW God will work increased safety from gun violence, only that we recognize that we live in a nation that deserves to have such incidents 24x7 in all corners, as we have strayed from God so far as to have killed 60 million of his most innocent children since Roe V Wade (and many other examples). Christians believe it is only by the God's Grace that we don't have a Vegas shooting every day -- as a nation, we have served Satan, and yet God has spared us from reaping the full carnage we deserve.

Likewise, no advocate of "common sense gun control" is honestly going to tell you that any measure that they would suggest is actually going to stop the Los Vegas tragedy. It is just that their faith in government is total, so that "somehow" government COULD achieve such control is an article of faith  -- a total ban on guns, metal detectors and surveillance everywhere, all public and private spaces equipped with sensors to detect gunfire and dispense some knockout gas? ... there is no need for any specifics. Government can do it, if all would only put their total faith in government voluntarily or by force, so that "proper measures" could be taken.

The service that could be provided by philosophy is for at least some significant "elite" to understand that we ALL live by faith. The question is always "in what"?  In theory it would be possible for enlightened people to realize that there are two poles on which to make society move in the direction of "improvement" ... culture or control, with chaos being the result if culture is destroyed and government is not made totalitarian. I'm not holding my breath for either theology or philosophy to be re-discovered in BOistan.

The American founders cast their lot with culture, and on the scale of total control on the far left, and total chaos on the far right, they desired "slightly right of center" as the goal. They believed that a God fearing people would respect life, liberty, etc. and continue to improve the culture as the main means of there being individidual morality and thus a peaceful society.

The USSR, Nazi Germany, China, North Korea, etc chose control ... they believe(d)  that people must be heavily controlled and regimented in order for the nation to be ordered and "successful".

The elite in BOistan apparently believe that religion, respect for life, sexual morality, respect for parents, police, history, the Constitution, etc can be removed and yet "somehow" the culture will "improve" ... although they are very vague in saying what "improvement" would entail beyond "equality, diversity, removal of personal responsibility, ever larger government, etc".

Their answers increasingly are "more government" in one form or another, and in the case of guns, they are more direct in saying that means more control. While they still mostly claim that does not really mean a repeal of the 2nd amendment, more and more of their voices now point out the obvious ... that while such a prohibition of private firearms to the level that a multi-millionaire with multiple homes and owning two aircraft could not obtain them is what they want. Again, this is a matter of faith  ... "how" such a prohibition would  prevent such a man from getting them is purely left to faith. Perhaps it would not be possible in China? I'd guess it would take control more at the level of North Korea to actually accomplish "safety" from such incidents -- but clearly it is a level of totalitarianism that would be fought in America. Will it be in BOistan?

So we live in a country where respect for human life has been destroyed by order of the SCOTUS in Roe V Wade. Respect for God,  Flag, Anthem, Elders, Founders, Military, Institutions, History, Tradition, Honor, Truth, Life,  ... really anything but personal choice, equality, diversity, "tolerance" (of those who bow to "progressivism") ... all quite ill-defined, is for most of the population, GONE.

And so I spend my 61st birthday in BOistan. Until 2006, I had faith that America would outlive me. I am so thankful that my Faith is in Christ Jesus, not in man! My Dad is 90, perhaps I have as much as 30 years left in this vale of tears ... and then eternity with Christ!

When a nation no longer respects life, why does it even mourn events like Los Vegas? If you are OK with killing the most innocent in the womb, why would you NOT applaud the slaughter of likely "deploreable" country music fans as was done by a legal VP of CBS?  Certainly if you are OK with the murder of a babe in the womb for convienience, the killing of country music fans that are largely "deploreables" anyway has to be seen as a positive, does it not?

My guess is that the Vegas shooting will be quickly forgotten even though the number of lives lost is large. It may seem to those that are taken in by the claims of the left that "they just want to save lives" that Vegas is a "perfect case" ... lots of lives lost, wealthy white male with no signs of mental illness doing the shooting, lots of premeditation, MANY "assault rifles", with even the "full auto" shibboleth given the "bump stocks".

We shall see ... I believe that the left is ONLY concerned about CONTROL and POWER, and "lives" are mere marketing. If they cared about lives, the 5-6 THOUSAND young black men killed in our large Democrat controlled cities each year would be a HORROR ... however, they care not at all for those lives. 

I believe that they will wait for another school shooting ... likely with a troubled young man with a lot of warning signs of mental illness. THEN, they will "blame the gun" ... not this time.

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