Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Sonderweg, Whiteness, Eldritch Energies

How Ta-Nehisi Coates Gives Whiteness Power - The New York Times:

Mostly I love this for words and concepts. "Sonderweg", a German word of "the special way" ...

In the study of German history, there is the notion of sonderweg, literally the “special path,” down which the German people are fated to wander....
I have run into "eldritch" before, but my mental meaing for it was off ... I thought of it as "related to witches", actually it is, "wierd, sinister, or ghostly" ... "Christopher Walken". A really good word for this Halloween season!

I'm pretty sure that everyone that reads this blog understands that at a basic level, "Black Lives Matter = KKK".  Everyone has racist tendencies, and when you join groups that fan those tendencies, they become toxic.

This, more than anything, is what is so unsettling about Mr. Coates’s recent writing and the tenor of the leftist “woke” discourse he epitomizes. Though it is not at all morally equivalent, it is nonetheless in sync with the toxic premises of white supremacism. Both sides eagerly reduce people to abstract color categories, all the while feeding off of and legitimizing each other, while those of us searching for gray areas and common ground get devoured twice. Both sides mystify racial identity, interpreting it as something fixed, determinative and almost supernatural. For Mr. Coates, whiteness is a “talisman,” an “amulet” of “eldritch energies” that explains all injustice; for the abysmal early-20th-century Italian fascist and racist icon Julius Evola, it was a “meta-biological force,” a collective mind-spirit that justifies all inequality. In either case, whites are preordained to walk that special path. It is a dangerous vision of life we should refuse no matter who is doing the conjuring.
 As Charles Taylor covers so well in "The Secular Age", we live in a secular world, but it is undeniably haunted -- as the quoted paragraph makes so clear. It is possible we are all fallen children of God, redeemable by Jesus if we accept his Grace .... "Red and Yellow, Black and White, they are precious in his sight".  OR, we are really different with everything determined materially, and we need to search for materialist "gray areas and common ground" in order to attempt to paper over our real differences.

In their desire to kill God, the modern pagans have definitely released a host of eldrich energies!

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