Thursday, October 19, 2017

The Adminstrative State, "Sue and Settle" Trumped !

The Important Story You’re Not Hearing Much About | Power Line:

To quote Brer Rabbit "Please don't throw me into that briar patch!".

Most people will have never heard of this technique, but it is blindingly simple. You run a federal agency like EPA. You want more power so you can get more money, employees, etc, AND you can attack political enemies and write allowances for poltical friends.

SO, you contact a freindly interest group, say "The Sierra Club", and have them SUE YOUR AGENCY because they claim that you have not regulated something enough! Maybe you go to court and "lose", thus meaning you now "must" do the extra regulation you wanted to do, OR, you just settle out of court with the friendly interest group that sued you, gaining the power you wanted -- AND, maybe giving them + your and their lawyers a nice monetary settlement. SWEET!

Not any more. TRUMPED!

This of course will get VERY little coverage since the agencies / groups involved don't really want this looked at, however it is certainly one of the real reasons they absolutely hate Trump!

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