Tuesday, October 17, 2017

The Limits of Sexual Consent

Sex, Consent & Morality -- Culture Ruined by Sexual Revolution | National Review:

The modern pagans continue their hard work of pulling man up by his moral bootstraps. The technique works no better for morality than it does for flying.

The following from a tweet in the attached article ...
So much cultural & personal hurt due to sexual sin. Maybe the church should see its sexual ethics as a gift of common grace to the world.
There is nothing common about Grace -- it cost divine suffering beyond imagination, and yes, Grace and God's morality are a HUGE gift!

The article is short and worth the read --  mutual desire is not morality no matter how much lipstick one puts on it.
The practical result of consent-focused morality is the sexualization of everything. With the line drawn at desire alone, there is no longer any space that’s sex-free. Work meetings or restaurants can be creative locations for steamy liaisons. Not even marriage or existing relationships stand as a firewall against potential hookups.
Morality transcends -- or it isn't morality, it is just applied power. Without a transcendent standard, "morality" comes down to "might is right". At this moment, The #METOO movement has some power because of the political calculus of the left having sudden "morality" because they would like to remove Trump from power.

Transcendent morality is eternal, power faux "morality" is situational, political and transitory.

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