Sunday, October 08, 2017

Weinstein, Batman, Understanding POWER

Harvey Weinstein Scandal: Ambition Protected Him from Exposure | National Review:

Here is a Weinstein version.

At The Cut, writer Rebecca Traister tells a dreadful story about Weinstein. She was covering a book party he hosted, and she asked him some questions that made him angry. He called her a “c**t” and declared himself to be the “f***ing sheriff of this f***ing lawless piece-of-sh*t town.” When her boyfriend — another journalist — tried to intervene, Weinstein attacked. He threw her boyfriend down a set of steps, then dragged him outside in a headlock. All the while cameras flashed. This was 17 years ago, in the year 2000. Not one of the pictures saw the light of day.

The article compares Weinstein with O'Reily and Rupert Murdock at Fox, who had less power. It fails to compare him with Bill Clinton who clearly had MORE power -- he skated because a whole nation was afraid to accept just how corrupt it really had become. So what to do? According to the article ...

No, neither Harvey Weinstein nor Roger Ailes was really all that powerful. They were vulnerable. They were vulnerable to people who were willing to support victims and tell the truth. They were vulnerable to people who just might be willing to risk their personal ambition to seek justice. But because ambition is so overwhelming — because self-interest is so powerful — these paper tigers were allowed to prey on women year after year. Why do men like Ailes and Weinstein get away with misconduct for so long? Because in certain sectors of American society, moral courage is in short supply.
But WHY is moral courage is short supply, and WHY is self interest so powerful?

My view is that unless humans consider a morality that will affect their eternal soul, corruption will only continue to get worse.  The Clinton's, Obama, Trump ... ALL show us that morality does not count on ANY side. Any politics other than totalitarianism can really only exist in a culture where moral values that affect your eternal soul are more important than money, power, fame, pleasure, etc

We are generally heading in the opposite dirction of that world -- more toward the Batman world.

But why is the jig up on Harvey NOW? Did he has been doing this FOREVER -- isn't it going to reflect badly on TP and the promises they make to guys like Harvey to see him go down?

There is another possibility -- just because you are as sure as Wienstein, Falcone or Clinton that you have the power, there MIGHT be something darker out there.

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