Saturday, October 28, 2017

Weinstein, Fighting The "System"

Facing Down the Network That Protected Harvey Weinstein - The New York Times:

We all live within our own networks, systems, communities, clans, tribes, etc. Usually we don't really think about it much -- they "just are" ... like fish talking about being wet.

Hollywood, the Main Stream Media, the professionals, the "elite", they are all part of "The Party" (TP-D) ... you have to be if you want to be "elite". It is like the old USSR, or NAZI Germany, there is ONE real party of power, and membership is required if you want to be a power player. Sure, the US still has the ILLUSION of two parties, but the biggest service Trump has given us is smoking out that fantasy ... McCain, Flake, Corker, Snow ... and in many ways Ryan, McConnel and many others are more TP than the official TP folks with Ds next to their names!

They do the bidding of The Swamp ... the Administrative State, Davos, etc, and going against them gets you attacked "Bigly" ... see Trump!

The article doesn't mean to tell you how TP operates, but it does. We all know that the NY Times was sitting on Weinstein dirt for over a decade -- they were a major PART of the "racket" they suddenly claim to stand boldly against in this teary little column.
The racket is a formidable opponent for anyone who is trying to expose the truth. It uses everything at its disposal to wear down reporters or break their wills, either by wooing them with invitations to premieres, access to stars and, in some cases, possible book and movie deals.
TP is the BIG "racket", and it's tentacles include the Deep / Administrative State! See "Trump Dossier", courtesy of the DNC now ADMITTING to funding it ... with some level of complicity from the FBI, and likely CIA. Now THAT is a "racket", and the NY Times is right in the middle of that one as well!

As I've said before, the ability of Trump to take these folks on is AMAZING!

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