Friday, November 24, 2017

Fake Sexual Morality

NR, A Modest Proposal ...

A reasonable person can read this article and think, "yeah, that could work"! See the problem with that is that you likely actually have some sort of "honor, moral sense, belief in redemption, etc". "The Party (TP-D) has sworn off those things a LONG time ago!

See Teddy Kennedy, Barney Frank, Gary Studds, John Conyers, Slick Willie, Al Gore, Joe Biden, etc, etc

The BASIS of the D party relative to sexual morals is "If it feels good, DO IT!"  If a baby results, KILL IT! One of the major purposes of TP is to stamp out morals and propriety -- 50+ genders "doing it" (whatever the hell that means with 50+ genders), GREAT! TP will fine you and throw you in jail if you are unwilling to celebrate every "gender" and whatever acts they might choose to engage in!

The author of the column feels that R's are again not being trusting enough of our D counterparts!
Sean Trende summarized a common argument in conservative circles: “(A) We fought a battle over whether character counts, and got our [tushes] handed to us and (B) liberal leaders always circle the wagons around their guys, and ours always cave.” This may or many not be accurate; we can think of cases where Republicans were caught in scandal and served out their term (Idaho senator Larry Craig) and we can think of cases where Democrats were more or less pushed out of office quickly (former congressman Anthony Weiner). Most partisans prefer to remember both the cases where their side acted honorably, demanding serious consequences for bad behavior, and times when the other side circled the wagons and defended the indefensible.
It's a bit on the laughable side that Craig is "the example" -- he lost his Senate seat over trolling for gay sex in a bathroom at the Minneapolis Airport!  Gary Studds (D)  OTOH, had sex with a male congressional page and never lost his seat. I have no problems with R's deciding to get rid of an unseemly senator for whatever they want, and D's keeping one around -- the point is that trying to use the term "morals" in concert with "Democrat" is false advertising. The big PLUS of the D party for a lot of their members is that THEY DON"T HAVE ANY STINKING MORALS!

AFAIK, Weiner - Holder is the TP ticket in 2020!

Those that want to trust the intentions of D's need to watch this video again! HOW many times to they have to screw us??? !!!!!

Perhaps the key slogan for a better 2018 would be “You can’t treat people like that.” But if character is going to count again, both sides of the ideological divide need to sign on.

Sure, TP will be signing up for that right away! The TP playbook is to push Rs to live TOTALLY up to their morals -- even when the "morals" are to be applied to 38 year old charges that have never surfaced until now!

The big idea is to get enough Rs to virtue signal about how virtuous they are to believe any TP smear put forward, no matter how old and questionable, and smear their own. Meanwhile, TP "virtue signals" by bravely deciding that Bill Clinton ought to have been impeached nearly two decades after the fact!

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