Monday, November 20, 2017

Franken Trojan or Tipping Creep?

It wasn’t “the times” that caused feminists to give Bill Clinton a pass | Power Line:

The important thing to remember about "sexual harassment" starting in the '90s is that "the standard" is supposed to be that  "if the woman feels harassed, then she was harassed" ... it could be words, could be looks, could be something that you wore, displayed, had tattooed, etc, could be ANYTHING! Including of course ANY sort of touching, bumping into, etc. I covered my personal experience with this here, as well as some discussion on who got off, and who didn't.

The most famous guy that got off totally is Bill Clinton. Clarence Thomas narrowly managed to make it onto the SCOTUS after being accused of ... well, "talking" ... mentioning some x-rated films and a potential pubic hair on a can of coke. Those were the CHARGES, and they almost did take him down, except that:

1). The charges were old (a decade or so when made)
2). The "victim" had followed him to multiple jobs since the charges supposedly happened
3). They could not get anyone else to come forth and make similar charges.

#4, and probably most important, Teddy Kennedy, who famously left his car parked upside down underwater with his soon to be deceased secretary in it, and Gropin Joe Biden were on the committee that was trying to lynch "the wrong kind of black man" (a conservative) to prevent him from being on the court. The D's still don't cotton to blacks leaving their thought reservation)!

When they went after Harvey Weinstein, I was shocked -- having your way with women has been one of the perks of being a lefty in good standing for a LONG time. Situations like Slick Willie where the accusers were mercilessly abused and castigated by the press and Democrats made it clear that powerful lefty men were allowed "favors" without retribution. If a woman complained, she was destroyed.

The big choice in human life has always been first and foremost GOD ... and from thence, morality.

A shared belief in a God that was always watching and would sort things out for eternity has always been the gold standard for morals. It is what we do when we think we are going to get away with it that is problematic! Do morals backed up by an infinite all knowing God that will ultimately judge you ensure moral turpitude? Of course not! We are talking odds here -- strong religiously backed morals put you in the "80-90th percent reliable" area. FAR from perfect, but a high standard for this fallen world.

In a world with God as the standard, women would have come out EVEN IF their careers were going to be destroyed because IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO ... for your eternal soul, for your current female sisters, and for any female offspring you might care about. When you drop God, and especially if you start killing the unborn, "your career" is quickly the only thing that counts!

When morals fail, the next backstop is law and justice. It isn't nearly as good, because it requires some sort of "enforcers", "evidence", and if you don't get caught, then you are as good as guilt free. For all but murder if you are a D (see Chappaquiddick), there is going to be some sort of statute of limitations -- because the trail goes cold, and "proving" things after a decade or more can be really difficult. Oh, and especially nasty, law and justice require that they are applied EQUALLY in order to be respected -- power doesn't get to play.

 That has always been a problem for Ds ... see Roy Moore. No way such "charges" would even arise against a D. "Old News" ... which in D parlance means that "we heard it before, maybe just last week". Thirty+ years for a D? Oh please!

As I've argued elsewhere, Chappaquiddick is as good a place as any to select as a point where pure POWER became the coin of our realm. That the incident included both sex and murder in one not very tidy tidal pool, along with America's most powerful political family, and a man who would become the "Lyin" Of the Senate, made it it especially full of damnation for America. Chappaquiddick established the "Democrat Standard" or rather "The Democrat Non-standard" relative to morals, law and justice. POWER is the godless Democrat standard.

The moral calculus since Mary Jo Kopechne as been that if a Democrat decides to have his way with a woman, just be glad and very quiet if he doesn't kill you (it is easy to be quiet if he does! Mary Jo Kopechne could not be reached for comment!) In the Slick Willie years the D sisterhood worked to establish a level of pride in providing services to prominent D's like Slick, -- "taking it for the right to kill babies", the ultimate sacrament of the Democrat party. It is hard to imagine that this sort of attitude did not engender more entitlement on the part of D men -- so most likely we are just seeing the very tip of the iceberg now.

The assumption was that the Democrats would always have enough power so that such sacrifices would be worth making to insure that the blood of the unborn continued to flow freely on the altar of Molech - Democrats. The whole idea of the sexual revolution was to give women POWER over their bodies -- certainly to murder their young, but also so that they could bestow sexual favors for their own pleasure, advancement, gain, etc -- for whatever suited them. That is what POWER is about! The charge of sexual harassment was the female equivalent of male physical power.

If Hillary had won, none of this would be happening -- as this column shows clearly:
As Janice Min, the former editor of The Hollywood Reporter, told me, when Barack Obama stepped off a stage and into Weinstein’s arms for a big hug after giving a $400,000 speech as an ex-president in the spring, it sent a signal that the ogre was in a protected magic circle.
He was, but the power behind the "magic" had already evaporated -- the ogre was exposed as an ogre. The D's are even all claiming to be having moral buyers remorse over protecting Slick Willie! As this column tries to tell us, "Hell froze over" ...

If the ground beneath your feet feels cold, it’s because hell froze over the other day. It happened at 8:02 p.m. on Monday, when The New York Times published an op-ed called “I Believe Juanita.

Written by Michelle Goldberg, it was a piece that, 20 years ago, likely would have inflamed the readership of the paper and scandalized its editors. Reviewing the credibility of Broaddrick’s claim, Goldberg wrote that “five witnesses said she confided in them about the assault right after it happened,” an important standard in reviewing the veracity of claims of past sex crimes.
As any minor student of history, theology and philosophy, let alone a Christian believer will tell you, without God, there are no morals, no love, no consistency. The current calculus is very easy -- Roy Moore is a warm up for taking down Trump -- the D's seek to trade a sudden attack of feigned morality about an EX president for the hide of a sitting president.

It is not for nothing that the Republican party is known as "The Stupid Party" -- while there are actual honorable Republicans with principles, Reagan being a great example, and the party is the last refuge of people of faith in BOistan, it too has been corrupted by the loss of religious faith and the power of DC and Davos. Trump is shaking the DC foundations -- the R's may well go along with his removal,  since Pence is FAR more to their liking! There are no morals left in the leadership of the R party either.

Many will be confused by the seemingly "honest" shedding of tears over Slick's victims 20+ years too late. Heck, I would not be shocked at this point to see the D's throw BOTH Slick and Hillary under the bus, and maybe BO as well! Any intelligent Democrat has to see the courts being mightily moved away from them and even their "firewall", the Deep State, now being assailed by Trump!

Power MUST be completely ruthless to survive unless it is divine! Communism killed over 100 million in the 20th century, abortion has killed 60 million and rising. One thing that Islam is right about is submission -- the word Islam means "submission", and the basic fact of human life is that peace requires submission. Submission to God, or submission to an all powerful state.

Don't be confused -- there is zero chance of the current Democrat party having an attack of actual morals (a Democrat getting morals would be like a vampire getting a tan!), what you see is what has been obvious since at least Wilson, Democrat = the worship of godless power!

Expect A LOT of bodies as the D's try to appear to "come clean" to have the "moral standing" to take down Trump!

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