Friday, November 24, 2017

I'm Calling For 2030 Trump Impeachment

After Two Brief Decades Of Deliberation, Democrats Bravely Call For Bill Clinton's Resignation:

Well, if I become convinced that the Democrats have ACTUALLY had a change of heart on Slick Willie, my call for Trump impeachment in 2030, a mere 6 years after he is out of office, would FAR exceed the virtue of the Democrats calling for the removal of Slick, who left office in January of 2001.

See, in a world of actual honesty, we could look at this and the D's could realize that there is a HUGE bump in virtue by impeaching someone actually in office! The Stupid Party (R), proved their stupidity by throwing Nixon to the wolves, the D's rubbed it in when Slick ACTUALLY stained the office, and now, it might make sense to get back to actual standards of some sort ... "eventually"!

You know, that weird little "justice" thing that is actually supposed to apply to ALL people, independent of party?

I'm not holding my breath, but I guess finally realizing that you showed ZERO moral principles nearly two decades later is superior to NEVER getting it! Except, I don't believe them now either -- they just hope to get the Stupid Party to trade a sitting president for one out of office nearly two decades -- oh, and if they get Trump? You can bet that when Slick goes off to his eternal "reward", the eulogies for his "greatness" will still be enough to make sane people barf!

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