Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Menendez, Moore, Media

No Verdict After Jury Resumes Deliberations in Menendez Trial - The New York Times:

Unless you are real news hound, you likely don't even know that the jury trial of a SITTING BOistan senator, Robert Menendez of New Jersey is looking like a hung jury. We know that Bob took a whole bunch of campaign contributions from a FL doctor, had a bunch of extended stays and trips on private jets at said doctors expense, but the view is "it was just friendly" -- he is a D after all, likely no harm no foul. If you are D, you are likely fine with this (you likely don't even know), and in fact, you likely don't even know if you are an R -- it is just not very well known, because, well, this is BOistan and we are mostly sheep under the care of "The Party" (TP-D) and it's wholly (woolly?) supportive MSM.

Not that anyone seems to care, but young prostitutes claim that Menendez likes the youngest girls, and some may have been underage.  No doubt there is no need to publish this, since it likely a "smear" and no doubt the girls can't be trusted Bob is a DEMOCRAT  ...  nothing to see here folks!

OTOH, if you are drawing breath you are VERY aware of 38 year old allegations that JUST SURFACED against the Senate candidate for Bob Sessions seat in Alabama. The latest one is RAPE! Slick Willie was of course very creditably accused of rape much shorter than 38 years after the fact, but that got about the same coverage as Menendez. (see **D**!)

If you read this column, you will get an impression on the charges against Moore are a bit different from what is being hammered by the MSM 24x7 at this point.

I agree with Paul that the Washington Post’s allegation that Moore tried to seduce a 14-year-old girl 38 years ago is more likely false than true, particularly given the gaping hole in the accuser’s story that has been attested to by her own mother. Beyond that, I question whether a newly-surfaced, 38-year-old allegation should ever–short of murder or something nearly as heinous–be grounds for defeating a political candidate. 
There is a reason why our criminal laws include statutes of limitation. After decades have gone by, it is often impossible to prove (or disprove) an allegation. The accuser in the present case remained silent for 38 years, during most of which time Moore was a prominent figure in Alabama politics. Now, a few weeks before a U.S. Senate election, at the importuning of a team of reporters from the Washington Post who are obviously determined to bring down the candidate, she sees fit to accuse Moore. One of the kinder words we apply to this sort of conduct in the law business is “estoppel.” It is much too late to dredge up an accusation from the 1970s.
To save you some time, "estoppel" -- the principle that precludes a person from asserting something contrary to what is implied by a previous action or statement of that person or by a previous pertinent judicial determination.

In this case, you failed to make a charge for 38 years during most of which the person you are charging was in public life. You waited too long! It's kind of like the folks on the left get tired of hearing that Teddy Kennedy left his secretary in his car parked upside down under water and she died -- Democrats find that to be "old news", and they could care less, even though in that case, a life was involved.

Naturally, very few people will read the analysis on the blog which I reference. One of the brilliant things that the MSM does is 24x7 carpet bomb one side of a story with no context and then start asking Republicans who have no real skin in the game to "virtue signal" how much they are against 30 something guys making propositions to teen women  -- they get "free virtue" for siding with the MSM against their own political party, *OR* they lose "virtue" for not deploring, not being harsh enough, timely enough, etc. A nice MSM version of "Heads I win, tails you lose!".

Contrast this with for example Menendez. Very few people even know he is on trial, less have any idea fo the circumstances and charges in the case, and I'm pretty sure not a SINGLE Democrat has been asked to make on comment on how much they approve or disapprove of taking all sorts of gifts sex parties with young girls, etc -- hey!  that could make a DEMOCRAT look bad, and let's face it, that is NOT what the MSM is about!

The thing I miss about the old pre-political NFL was the absolute tribal fandom on display. You could be with a group of opposing fans and watch the same play in ultra slow motion and 80% of the fans on both sides would come down on the side of whatever worked out better for their team. THAT is human nature in a nutshell. ALL of our human natures!

"The trick" of the MSM has been to convince a significant percentage of the sheep that they were "the refs", and were not partisan in the political game. What has changed is that as of 2017, the number of  Republicans that trust the media is 11% vs 34% of Democrats. Apparently, enough of the R sheep have been eaten so that the bleating is getting a bit more silent, and it is pretty obvious that the D's know which side the MSM is on. I suspect the reason that they have dropped some is because they just don't see them as calling enough of the "news" their way to keep Trump out of office.

The confusing part for some these days is that the RINO section of the Republican party is still out calling people names for not buying into the MSM narrative on Moore and even Trump. It seems that at this late date, a set of imaginary Scribes and Pharisees has arisen in the #nevertrump movement to claim the "moral high ground" in supporting the MSM in it's "estoppel".

We all know from past experience that in the MSM / Democrat world, any charge older than a few months is "old news", and no to be considered! (Paula Jones OLD NEWS! ... Juanita Broderick? OLD NEWS ....)  38 years? If the roles were reversed, anyone bringing up 38 year old charges would be laughed out of town even if they COULD show a body!

If you don't know the details of the Menendez case, but you want to virtue signal about Roy Moore, then you are a sheep plain and simple. If you DO know, and you want to virtue signal, then I HOPE that you were completely up in arms about Teddy Kennedy from Chappaquiddick on!

Otherwise, you are either a Democrat or a hypocrite, but I repeat myself.

As I cover to exhaustion in this blog, in BOistan, there are no morals, only POWER. You may not have chosen to live in BOistan, but since you do, it would behoove you to act accordingly. WISHING that the other side played by rules will only eventually get you killed.

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