Friday, November 10, 2017

Moore, The Wet Paper Bag Party

The Moore miasma | Power Line:

Either  more of the the Republican party will eventually "grow a set", or it will continue to fade. I sat in a cafe this AM and the TV was 100% various hand wringing about the 35+ year old "acusations" aginst Roy Moore. A couple of weeks ago we had FBI documentation that the Clinton's and BO sold 20% of our urainum reserves to the Russians for north of $100 million to the Clintons alone, plus a bunch of sordid kickbacks, payoffs, etc. Not really MSM newsworthy -- certainly no wall to wall coverage.

Then we had other FBI information showing that the DNC paid to work with Russians to dig up dirt on Trump to influence the election -- the DNC in fact admitted it. Not really newsworthy -- certainly not a "scandal".

Slick Willie received much fresher charges of RAPE, along with all sorts of groping, dropping trou, etc, etc, but all those were of no concern because they were "just sex". God only knows what he did decades prior to being Arkansas governor -- nobody really cares. He is a D. Oh ... and he as been on the "Lolita Express" a whole bunch, but that is just "circumstantial" ... he has certainly never shown any pattern of liking younger women! Oh, the Lolita Express thing isn't really "news", because it is only on "biased sites" .... and we KNOW that the MSM is not biased!

Can Trump manage to fashion a party that at least folds like damp cardboard rather than like a wet paper bag? Certainly I don't expect that one would even want to create a party as shameless as the D's, but does it REALLY damage you to AT LEAST question accusations that are over 35 years old and have never surfaced before?

The ONLY thing that the RNC ought to care about in Alabama is JUST WIN BABY! Trump campaigned for Moore's primary opponent. Look at the charges, decide if Moore still has the best chance or not, and then DECIDE!

Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES however does it make sense to run like 14 year old girls from 35+ year old charges. What were Democrat Senators doing 35 years ago? Hey, go out and at least make up a charge so they can deny it! Politics is STILL not bean bag!

Remember, Teddy Kennedy left his soon to be deceased secretary in his car parked upside down under water and didn't bother to report it until morning,  **AND** HE STAYED IN THE SENATE AND WAS RE-ELECTED MULTIPLE TIMES. **THAT** is the Democrat "standard" -- + Slick Willie + a whole bunch of others that we hardly hear about.

Should Republicans have "higher standards"? SURE! But unless they are killing their current young secretaries, that really isn't much of a bar to get over is it?

Oh the sanctimony --- you CAN'T be a "Christian / Conservative / principled / etc" if you don't rush out and gratuiously castigate Roy Moore even if you don't live within a thousand miles of Alabama! Really? Do Republican idiots REALLY want to subscribe to the "standard" that 35 year old charges that have never shown up before and can't possibly be "proven" are an appropirate litmus test for a candidate???

Who amoung us is secure from some woman coming forward and making such a charge? Remember, she would be a DEMOCRAT -- the sort of women that said they would be happy to give Bill Clinton a blow job anytime while he was being charged with a long list of harrassment charges. Do you REALLY think that such a woman is going to pause for one second to make an old charge against an R to take them down? Who is even going to run for a party stupid enough to throw in the towel because "the charges sound bad" ?

The Democrat party is PROUD to have ZERO standards other than WIN! We just need an opposition party that sets the bar higher than proven sex at the office, killing your secretary,  and not selling major US assets to our enemies for payoffs.

Is that really somehow hard to understand?

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