Friday, November 10, 2017

Paul, Vegas, The Motivationless Human

Rand Paul’s neighbors dispute “property dispute” reports | Power Line:

One of the big problems with Artificial Intelligence (AI) is motivation. What is it that AI would be motivated by? We sincerely hope it would not be stamping out competitors in the field of "intelligence" -- - our parochial view being "we have some of that!".

Perhaps AI would question if our existence was actually "real"  ... sort of like many humans like to question the existence of a creator and assume they "just happened" ... but I digress.

The Vegas shooting, and now the attack on Rand Paul seem to be somewhat of a watershed in "action without motivation". Even more amazing, the speed with which our media can determine with complete certainty that the action at least lacked any POLITICAL motivation is a scientific breakthrough! We can understand human motivation instantly -- I'm guessing it is a new kind of brain scan? Perhaps the "MET" rather then the "PET"? "Motivation Emission Tomography".

It has gotta be extra special technology -- given Vegas, it must work even on a deceased brain! Wonderful!

I've heard of people being friends, or even married for years, and not having complete awareness of their political thoughts. I once questioned how the powers that be were so able to get people to work in the "NON-PARTISAN CBO"! Where did all these non-partisans come from?  and why don't we meet more of them? How did they become non-partisan? Were they raised by wolves in an apolitical family? Were they sequestered from mass media at birth?

There MUST be a way -- because NPR (in whom we trust) never says "CBO" without the non-partisan label!

Now, we have a Vegas shooter who was certified to have no political or religious motivations less than 24 hours after anyone at the national level had become aware of his existence! Then, only a little over a month later, Rand Paul is attacked by a neighbor who has posted MANY vehement political opinions on social media, however, he suddenly decided to blindside his neighbor over a "long standing minor (non-political) issue" with enough force to break 5 ribs.

The biggest news to me is that 5 broken ribs is a "minor injury". I've had a mere 3 broken ribs and found it extremely debilitating for over 2 months. Reporters are so strong. I'd enjoy breaking 5 ribs on one of them so they could confirm to me that it was a "minor injury" ... nothing here folks, move along.

I'm trying to imagine if a Democrat Congressman had been gunned down over the summer by a Republican voter who was specifically targeting Republicans (Scalaise), and then a Republican neighbor of a sitting  Democrat US Senator attacked them on their lawn and broke 5 ribs, what the media outcry would look like?

We have a pretty good idea -- some of us can remember back to Gabby Giffords and the "chilling" effect of the Tea Party having the gall to protest people being forced by law to purchase health insurance, and yearly deficits of $1.5+ Trillion dollars! The idea of opposing the policies of the duly elected president was nigh on treason in '09-'10!

I wonder what changed? Perhaps we could "MET scan" a couple reporters?
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