Sunday, November 12, 2017

Progress, Marketing, Culture, Privilege

If you have not been exposed to this little piece of propaganda yet, take a look. Amazingly it seems to be flowing around rather freely on social media. "Fake News" isn't nearly the threat to to life that long term propaganda and mind control are -- we need the all powerful Administrative State to "investigate"!

First, when you see a video like this, THINK! It is exactly like "Tastes Great, Less Filling", "Hope and Change", or "Make America Great Again"! It is MARKETING -- it is selling you a narrative. A story that someone wants you to put in your brain. Again -- "marketing" isn't bad in itself, it is WHAT is being marketed and WHY!

I'm old enough to remember the 1960s when the "progressives" were pushing birth control, free love and divorce as the way to happiness. One would not want to raise kids in a home where there was no "passion" between mom and dad! You "owed it to them" to get divorced so they could live in a "loving home". "True love" (good sex in the liberal parlance) conquers all! Agape? What does that mean? Seems like an awfully difficult Greek word for people to even think about!

It is sadly laughable that today's leftys make the first element of  supposed "privilege" to be living  in a traditional family, and the second being having a "father figure" in the family .,.. forget "ACTUAL father", that is just TOO far out in the wondrous "progressive" (regressive) world which the left has given us! Your parents failed to buy what we were selling in the 1960's, so please listen to us while we sell you "privilege" now!  In 1960, 73% of kids had that kind of "privilege", today only 46% do. Marketing works!

80-90% of the "privilege" is right there -- living with your birth parents! Such families are much better off economically -- something in the 40-60% range of our "income inequality" is due to children out of wedlock and broken homes. Thanks "progressives"!

Many of the "privilege steps" are even MORE laughable. I had no access to private education, but that was before the progressives destroyed the public schools! They threw out prayer, moral teaching, discipline, academic rigor and STANDARDS, and replaced it with social engineering, union/political proselytizing, and putting condoms on cucumbers. YES, that makes private schools a huge advantage! Thanks "progressives"!

Having a computer and a cell phone are more like DISadvantages without really good parents -- they are much like the "advantage" of birth control -- tools that require much more responsibility than youth can possibly muster, thus putting even MORE load on the vanishing traditional family. Helping mom and dad with the bills is also an ADVANTAGE -- learning the value of money and RESPONSIBILITY!

They don't quite have the chutzpah to mention it, but a sense of responsibility for your own self and action is a HUGE "privilege" -- however, then you would be unlikely to blame "privilege", because to the extent it existed, it would just drive you to overcome it! NOT what "progressives" sell!

In what universe is having the level of athletic ability to have your college covered NOT a "privilege"? Sure you worked hard, however without God given talent that you were blessed with through no merit of your own, you don't get full-ride college scholarships! Thanks be to God!

I'm not going to bother to keep going.  The narrative being marketed here is meaninglessness and state control. CULTURE WORKS! Or at least did work, so it must be destroyed and replaced by a culture of dependence on the state! The "progressive" left has been at war with the family for 60 years -- they have turned 73% being "privileged" into 46% being "privileged" to grow up with their parents, and now they want the survivors of the culture wars to feel guilty about surviving! Why?

It is so extremely simple it is hard to imagine the BOistani ability to think even a tiny bit critically has been so damaged. THEY WANT TO GET TO A 100% MINDLESS DEPENDENT POPULATION THAT BELIEVES THIS!

If you train young minds to feel guilty about coming from the tatters of a culture that worked, and that there is no merit in the personal responsibility and hard work they no doubt are building and doing,  then their efforts are meaningless! At the same time, the "progressives" convince those that are not performing as well that it is all due to the "privilege" that they lack, so there is therefore "nothing they can do about it" -- please stop working, you are too far behind!

The saddest part of this propaganda is the sick attempt to align it with Christian values at the end. The people driving this HATE GOD AND CHRIST, you know it because they are in constant warfare with any hint of religion in the public square, and labor tirelessly to destroy any hint of values and decency in the society. They don't want you to PERSONALLY do anything to help others, they want you to outsource your money and power to THEM, so they can continue to destroy the culture!

I'm proud to be the kind of fool that looks critically at all that man has to say -- especially when they throw in a Bible verse at the end. Hopefully you will look at me just as critically, so here is my verse.

Proverbs 26:11 "Like a dog that returns to his vomit is a fool who repeats his folly".

They sold you the broken family already. Are you going to call it "privilege" when parents resisted, and now buy into them telling us that the "privilege" you supposedly got from parents who resisted makes hard work and personal responsibility null and void?

THINK! Thinking, reading your Bible, praying, working hard, being responsible, delaying gratification, staying married, etc -- that is the eternal "resistance"! If you do those things you WILL get out and help others PERSONALLY, because you will have the MEANS in character and maybe money, and most importantly, the love of Christ will be in your heart!

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