Saturday, December 02, 2017

Anti Trump FBI Agent Removed, Swamp Gas Rises

Mueller Removed Top F.B.I. Agent Over Possible Anti-Trump Texts - The New York Times:

In many ways, this ought to be in the humor section. Mueller removes an agent on his investigative staff because he is sending anti-Trump text messages (so much for "unbiased").

... But the existence of the text messages is likely to fuel claims by Mr. Trump ththat he is a target of the “deep state” — a term used to describe the notion that government intelligence agencies secretly conspire together. 
The discovery of the text messages came at a crucial moment in Mr. Mueller’s investigation. At the time, Mr. Mueller was ramping up his investigation into Mr. Trump’s former advisers, while also coming under criticism for putting many donors to Democratic candidates on his team.
Ya think? You mean just because they send anti-Trump text messages and there are a bunch of people in the Witch Hunt that were Hillary donors, someone might think there is a "bias"????  How paranoid!

The article also covers Trump pointing out that the wife of the FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe took $500K in campaign contributions from longtime Clintonista Terry McCualiffe. Damn! One would think that little "swamp exchanges" amoung "The Party" TP-D and it's operatives / families busy making sure the Deep State keeps all the real power would be bothersome to people!

The bubbles are rising as the swamp begins to drain!

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