Saturday, December 09, 2017

Faith and Reality Trumps Hate

Schumer says he advised Trump to declare Jerusalem Israel's 'undivided' capital | TheHill:

Naturally the MSM is downplaying NY Senator Schumer's support for Trump declaring the fact that we have all known for a few thousand years -- Jerusalem is the capital of Israel!

Schumer is of course a left winger, however for him, it appears that his faith in God, as well as his acceptance of reality actually "Trumps" his hatred of Trump! My hat is off to Chuck Schumer, and that is not something I say very often!

As we close on the season that we mark our years by (BC/AD), it might be a great time to reflect on what is more important to many than politics! Since the MSM will not generally allow you to remember, it is important to know that the congress of the US overwelmingly recognized the truth that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel in '95.

“We differ in our opinions, left and right,” he said as the speech concluded. “We disagree on the means and the objective. In Israel, we all agree on one issue: the wholeness of Jerusalem, the continuation of its existence as capital of the State of Israel. There are no two Jerusalems. There is only one Jerusalem. For us, Jerusalem is not subject to compromise, and there is no peace without Jerusalem.” 
That speech was given Oct. 25, 1995. On Nov. 4, a far-right student fatally shot him.
The evening before his speech, the Congress of the United States passed a law echoing Rabin’s assertions about the city. Spurred by the desire to act before Rabin’s visit, the House and Senate passed a bill called the “Jerusalem Embassy Act,” which formally recognized the city as the country’s capital and called for the U.S. Embassy in Israel to be moved there from Tel Aviv by 1999. 
Support for the bill was overwhelming. It passed the Senate by a 93 to 5 vote, with four Republicans and one Democrat voting no. It passed the House 374 to 37, with 153 Democrats joining most of the new Republican majority that had swept into power in 1994.
Jesus will return to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel -- if you are a Christian, you believe that. If you accept reality, you know that Israel is the capital of Israel.

Arabs don't accept Israel as even existing. Can you imagine being in a fight with someone that refuses to accept your existence? How about if your supposed ally refused to accept that your capital city from time immemorial was your capital city?

Perhaps it is too early for hatred to be "trumped", however recognizing reality is an important step in the path toward truth.

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