Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Massive Call For Moore Prosecution Today!

I assume that all BOistanis except a cynical few are rising up today in unison to call for the prosecution of failed Senate candidate Roy Moore! Clearly a ton of people found the evidence amassed against him to be terribly damning to the extent that he has been referred to as a pedophile by many mainstream media outlets and high minded social media posters (poseurs?).

I took the position that their charges were "all about political gain", which certainly many on FB found to be "cynical" as they virtue signaled their high minded morals on Moore's "crimes". Unless they were and are in fact the cynical ones,  I would expect a massive wave of demands from media outlets, Democrats and easily led Republicans alike for immediate prosecution! We all know that child molesters are nearly always repeat offenders, so there is little doubt that the prosecution will find a seamy string of sad victims over the past 40 years according to those who only did this for "justice".

OTOH, if there is no outcry -- or even a complete lack of concern for any investigation after this supposed awful man who many said would be "impossible for a Christian to support" just because the election is over,  what would that mean? Why would sane people virtue signal about how "good" they were to come out against Moore, even to the point of questioning others religious beliefs if they did not sign on to what they saw as the completely damning nature of these 40 year old charges?

My belief is that we live in an amoral age where actual standards are becoming exceedingly rare. Today's world is ruled by the left wing "Scribes and Pharisees" who are ALL about judgment and virtue signalling, however are in fact "whitewashed sepulchers" -- their only goal is POWER, political and otherwise, and they seek to make their idea of power synonymous with "virtue".

If all those who wasted time virtue signalling on FB and in the media do NOT seek to put this known (to them) child molester behind bars, I think we have pretty solid evidence what BOistan is REALLY about! Same thing with all the fake virtue signalling relative to Trump -- as the link I put above (repeat) makes very clear in the linked Village Voice article, the supposed virtuous elites are anything but!

The BEGINNING of wisdom is the fear of God! Only by constant devotion to Bible, prayer, sacraments, etc, can any of us hope to escape the snare of "the wide road" of being in agreement with the MSM, elites, "the popular ones" through the constant bombarding of media manipulation from all corners.

Perhaps I will be proven wrong and a huge outcry for Moore's prosecution is about to rise. If I'm correct however that it is not happening, do we not all KNOW that the charges were actually just a political smear job? How could they NOT be if the supposedly sanctimonious believers in those charges don't even have a twinge of thought about all the children that they MUST believe that Moore molested over 40 years, and is no doubt molesting today?

Search your heart, you KNOW it to be true at a visceral level that if denied puts your soul in eternal peril!

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