Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Shut My Mouth! NY Times Praises Trump!

A War Trump Won - The New York Times:

Ok, it's just on the editorial page, and if you read the whole article, it is pretty tepid, however being a "Not of the Party" in BOistan means that ANY praise is hard to get!

"Not of the Party" (TP-D) always reminds me of this ...

If BO had done anything positive in foreign policy his first year in office, he would have gotten  Nobel prize! ... oh wait, he got one of those just for being elected.

Will be blogging on "Age of Reagan" soon ... after the wall fell in '89, Gorbachov was named Time's "Man of the Decade" and received a Nobel Prize ... Reagan, who forced the Soviets kicking and screaming into the end of their Evil Empire was castigated for "slowing down what everyone knew would happen", when in 1980, he was declared "insane, dangerous, ridiculous, etc" for his position that the Soviets could be defeated.

If one keeps a balanced media diet, we get to enjoy "good news" during D presidencies even if things actually suck. R presidencies are all "crisis", "the sky is falling", "the world is ending" in the media, even if things are going quite well. That is just the way the media works in BOistan.

A short quote from the article ...
I mean the war against the Islamic State, whose expansion was the defining foreign policy calamity of Barack Obama’s second term, whose executions of Americans made the U.S.A. look impotent and whose utopian experiment drew volunteers drunk on world-historical ambitions and metaphysical dreams. Its defeat was begun under Obama, and the hardest fighting has been done by Iraqis — but this was an American war too, and we succeeded without massive infusions of ground troops, without accidentally getting into a war with Russia, and without inspiring a huge wave of terrorism in the West.

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