Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Way Of The Toady

Expected Clinton Victory Explains Federal Employee Wrongdoing | National Review:

The original "toady" was supposedly the assistant who ate a toad asserted to be poisonous, so his master could display his acumen at "bringing the toady back to life". I'd rate the true magic as eating the toad and keeping it down ... ribbit!

The linked article is a litany of how each action that appears "strange" to us as taken by various syncophants, boot lickers, ass kissers, and other assorted bureaucratic vermin from the Deep State of the BO years, would merely have been "smart career moves" -- if wicked witch Hillary had just taken over the BO swamp as expected.
How could Lynch in the middle of an election have been so silly as to allow even the appearance of impropriety? Answer: There would have been no impropriety had Hillary won — an assumption reflected in the Page-Strzok text trove when Page texted, about Lynch, “She knows no charges will be brought.” In fact, after a Clinton victory, Lynch’s obsequiousness in devising such a clandestine meeting with Bill Clinton may well have been rewarded: Clinton allies leaked to the New York Times that Clinton was considering keeping Lynch on as the attorney general.
Things were going GREAT in the middle of '16 for BO, the Clintons and the entire Adminstrative / Deep State .... Trump was the candidate they WANTED to run against. They PICKED HIM ... in the judgement of the apparatus of "The Party" (TP-D) , running against Trump was a GIFT! My view is that Slick met with Lynch in Phoenix to show off the power of the Clinton machine. "Yes we CAN have a meeting between the former president and the sitting AG who is (supposedly)  investigating the former first lady now running for president! See what kind of POWER we Clintons have? It is only going to grow when the Hildebeast wins, so PAY YOUR BRIBES NOW! to the "Clinton Fund" ... funds, for Clintons!"

"Herself" winning was a forgone conclusion, settled science, a metaphysical certainty ... EVERYONE who "had a brain" and was a member in good standing of TP "knew it to be so".
Needlessly weaponizing the Obama FBI and the DOJ was akin to Hillary Clinton’s insanely campaigning in the last days of the 2016 campaign in red-state Arizona, the supposed “cherry atop a pleasing electoral map.” 
In short, such hubris was not just what Peter Strzok in August 2016 termed an “insurance policy” against an unlikely Trump victory. Instead, the Clinton and Obama officials believed that it was within the administrative state’s grasp and their perceived political interest not just to beat but to destroy and humiliate Donald Trump — and by extension all the distasteful deplorables and irredeemables he supposedly had galvanized.

I don't believe that BO so much did the "weaponization" as he allowed it to beconme obvious. There was no need to hide it anymore. He was "The One", and his handpicked successor was taking the reins of power from his royal hand. He and the Clintons pulled all the strings and the folks in the Adminstrative / Deep State were just manuvering for better jobs under the new assumed new Dark Lord.

So is Trump the "anti-TP"? Able to actually win over the  "Agents" of the Deep State? No idea ... but it is an idea worth savoring once in awhile.

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Who Reads The Papers?

Today’s Classroom Lesson: Who Reads the Papers? | Power Line:

The punchline from the linked ... might add MSNBC, those who gave up thinking for drugs.

It is not too hard to translate this into a contemporary American equivalent:
--- The Washington Post is read by people who think they run the country;
--- The New York Times is read by people who think they ought to run the country;
--- The Wall Street Journal is read by people who own the country;
---  CNN is watched by people who think the country should be run by another country;
--- and Fox News is watched by people who think it is

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Single Party Rule, Sultan Knish

Sultan Knish: This Civil War - My South Carolina Tea Party Convention Speech:

Readers of this blog know we are in a civil war and it isn't going very well for those of who are not card carrying members of "The Party" (TP-D). I think the linked blog post is excellent and generally on target -- it is weak on the true power of the Administrative / Deep State and the true power of TP ... but it gets the basics right.

Yes, I realize it is going much better than if Hillary had been elected -- If Hillary had been elected, the corpse of America would have been immolated and the ashes scattered by now. As it is, maybe it is lying comatose after having no pulse for way too long and Trump is going to give it a try with the paddles and hope for a restart / minimal brain damage.

TP is done honoring elections that they don't win.

The Mueller investigation is about removing President Trump from office and overturning the results of an election. We all know that. But it’s not the first time they’ve done this.
The first time a Republican president was elected this century, they said he didn’t really win. The Supreme Court gave him the election. There’s a pattern here.

Trump didn’t really win the election. Bush didn’t really win the election. Every time a Republican president won an election this century, the Democrats insist he didn’t really win.
As Reagan said "Liberals will defend your right to agree with them to their dying breath".

Oh, and while they are trying to remove the duly elected president, neither he nor the other branches of government that they don't control ought to have any power.

Our system of government is based on the constitution, but that’s not the system that runs this country. 
The left’s system is that any part of government that it runs gets total and unlimited power over the country. 
If it’s in the White House, then the president can do anything. And I mean anything. He can have his own amnesty for illegal aliens. He can fine you for not having health insurance. His power is unlimited. 
He’s a dictator. 
But when Republicans get into the White House, suddenly the President can’t do anything. He isn’t even allowed to undo the illegal alien amnesty that his predecessor illegally invented.
As I've said before, the Constitution has been DEAD for the left since at least Wilson -- the only thing they "honor" is POWER ... forget "truth, decency, the American way, etc". Rightist bullshit -- like saying your prayers, honoring your father and mother, working hard, integrity, etc -- the kind of thing that TP and it's NEA / alphabet government agencies work day and night to stamp out.

The columnist thinks that Trump has a chance -- I sure hope so. because BOistan is VERY close to being CA already!

I live in the state of Ronald Reagan. I can go visit the Ronald Reagan Library any time I want to. But today California has one party elections. There are lots of elections and propositions. There’s all the theater of democracy, but none of the substance. Its political system is as free and open as the Soviet Union. 
And that can be America.

The Trump years are going to decide if America survives. When his time in office is done, we’re either going to be California or a free nation once again.
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Saturday, January 27, 2018

Porn Adultry PRIDE Week , Christians and Pharisees

Trump & Stormy Daniels: Social Conservative Hypocrisy | National Review:

So the media tells us that Trump had a dalliance with a porn star named "Stormy" at "sometime", for which he paid her off to keep quiet about. You can trust the media, they would never be anything less than truthful about Trump, and we all know they are nothing but honest.

Jonah Goldberg is shouting "hypocrite" because "social conservatives" that didn't like Slick Willie lying under oath about asking an employee to service his wee willie in a hotel room (Paula Jones), as well as presidential "emissions" being found on the blue dress of an employee, are not concered about the alleged Trump - porn star alleged liasion / alleged payoff.

Some discussion. "Christians" are actually NOT to be judgemental about others. Jesus is famously not judgemental about the woman at the well, the prostitute washing his feet with her hair, or even the adultress who was to be stoned until Jesus drew "something" in the dirt and everyone who was supposed to stone her walked away.

HISTORICALLY, back in the old days of "America", which was a Christian Nation, Christians felt that the leader of the country ought to be a professing Christian. BOistan is clearly NOT a Christian Nation as has been well covered here and elsewhere. Much as Christ once had little to say about Pontius Pilate and Caesar, Christians have little to say about Trump -- he leads a pagan nation where they happen to live. He is not their MORAL leader, he is the leader of BOistan. In a pagan nation, you need to support the pagan least likely to crucify you.

Slick Willie was actually president during the blue dress affair, and governor at the time of the whipping it out and asking for "service" with Jones. AFIK, the "Stormy" thing (if it IS a "thing") happened when Trump was a private citizen .. AFAIK, nobody has ever went after Slick about anything prior to him being at least governor. (and I pray they don't, I REALLY don't want to hear the details!)

So what is the "issue" here? Has Goldberg confused "Christians" or "Social Conservatives" with Pharisees? My understanding is that social conservatives are against abortion, gay "marriage", and forcing communities to allow "men" into womens bathrooms and locker rooms. Most of them are probably not in favor of adultery with porn stars as a general rule, however given the rather lax morals in BOistan, if private citizens indulge and cover it up, it seems more of a "Pharisee charge" than a "Social Conservative" or "Christian" one.

It doesn't sound to me like Trump was holding "Adultry with a porn star PRIDE week". I don't believe he was in any way saying "hey, bake me a cake! My morals are YUGE and you ought to be forced to CELEBRATE them!" If Trump is seeking sexual favors from interns in the Oval Office, or paying off porn stars for dalliances while he is serving as president, then it seems that a charge of "hypocrisy" is somewhat warranted. As it is, isn't it the "PRIDE" folks that ought bear the "hypocrisy" charge for trying to claim that someone ought have "morals"? (excuse me? What is "moral" in BOistan? Forcing a pro-lifer to bake a cake celebrating your abortion?)

Do I "approve" of sex with porn stars not your wife? Certainly not! However, Jesus also did not pass judgement on the woman at the well who had five husbands and was not married to the man with whom she was currently living. My "approval" or lack thereof not the point! I believe that Christ will be the ultimate judge -- in general, he was MUCH more direct in condeming the sin of judgement (eg. "you brood of vipers") than he was for your standard, or even "significantly" sinful person. Mathew was a tax collector, and in those days, that was about as bad as it got! (our "morals" seem quite different today!)

If Trump violates LAWS while he is an elected official, than he ought to be removed -- as Slick Willie ought to have been removed for doing just that. IMHO however, the bar is MUCH higher now -- Slick WAS NOT removed, and his party was in no way interested in removing him for obvious sexual harrassment, perjury, and likely rape, as well as a long list of financial and other improprieties. BO used the IRS against conservatives and did all sorts of extra-constitutional things including funding parts of BOcare without congressional approval. These are now the new "standards" estabilished by "The Party" (TP-D). Certainly I understand that TP, and apparently Jonah, think it is somehow incumbent on "Christians" to hold their political leaders to higher standards than the "other sides" political leaders in a pagan nation.

What even is "the other side" in BOistan? As near as I can see, many in the R party would certainly be just as anxious to be rid of the pesky "Christians" or "Social Conservatives" ... I'd put Jonah in this camp. I suspect they would likely be rather happy to see those "deploreables" thrown to the lions, and would likely pay good money to sit up with Chuck S and Nancy P to watch the "festivities". ( "I've tithed my cumin today, how about you Chuck? Wow, those Lions really enjoy Christian meat")

Christians have PERSONAL standards -- to the extent we lived in a nation where those standards were shared by BOTH political parties, it was reasonable to expect politicians of BOTH SIDES to follow them. News at 11, we don't live there anymore! Where we live now, there are officially NO RULES .... which means that POWER is the only "rule".

If you like to judge others behavior, the sort of religion you are looking for has Pharisee positions ... it isn't Christianity.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Nixon Cleared of 20 Minute Tape Gap

FBI did not save officials’ texts during key period in Trump probe, senator says - The Washington Post:

Being an avid NPR listener, I've OFTEN been reminded of the HORROR of Nixon possibly erasing a WHOLE 20 MINUTES of tape! The man was simply evil.

For decades, most "conservatives" harbored the belief, that increasingly became a "hope", that eventually became a "memory", that people on the left actually had "standards" that they would apply with some reasonable semblance of similarity to ANYONE, independent of political party. That was in America. BO was finally the proof that we no longer live there, thus BOistan.

In BOistan, we know that all sorts of documents relative to various Clinton escapades from Arkansas, up to and including many thousands of e-mails while she was Secretary of State, are just "missing" ... they must have been "wiped, like with a cloth".

If you are on the left, this bothers you not at all -- it is considered "smart" even. "They have never been able to PROVE anything on the Clinton's"! Politics has become such a "team sport", that people act like fans rather than the voting EMPLOYERS of temporary politicians that we at least once kidded ourselves would be held to "standards" ( that used to be a word in America ).

The conservative way up through Slick Willie, and even attempted with BO on Gun Runner, Benghazi, Lois Lerner IRS, etc, was to still imagine this "standards thing" worked both ways -- which it became increasingly obvious it did not. The IRS scandal is really the most troubling, along what was seen in Wisconsin. These cases show the Administrative / Deep State is certainly part of "The Party" taking direct action against the opposing political party. Actions which VERY much echo how the National Socialist party in Germany and the Communist party in the USSR operated.

The linked article lets us know that hundreds of text communications between Democrat political partisans who first worked to exhonorate Hillary, and were then moved over to smear Trump, "were not retained". Shocking! Round up the usual suspects!

The FBI did not retain text messages exchanged by two senior officials involved in the probes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for a five-month period ending the day a special counsel was appointed to investigate possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to a new congressional letter.
How do nations become totalitarian? You grow the government to the point where it's employees are a major political force on their own. Then, if you are really really stupid, you allow them to be unionized so that their union can be a huge source of funds and shock troops for the dominant party of government. You make it totally OK -- encouraged even, and eventually a de-facto requirement for all government employees to be members of "The Party" (TP-D). "Joining The Party" becomes a rite of passage for those seeking jobs with the government.

Eventually you get to where we are now -- even supposed "enforcement" parts of government are just organs of TP. We all KNOW this of course, we just don't want to see it made as obvious as Lois Lerner, the Wisconsin Kristalnacht, and now this example from the FBI makes it. Most would like to kid themselves that TP ( "The Party"-D) is "different" than what the National Socialist or Communist political parties were. Certainly -- and the Nazis / Communists were and are "different" from each  other too, however what they had in common and do with TP, is POWER ... raw, amoral / immoral lust for power. The only TP ideology that matters is POWER ... "diversity, welfare, equality, abortion, free sex, attacking religion, open borders, not IDing voters, etc" are merely tools to increase power.

The shared purpose of all our alphabet agencies at this point is REMOVE TRUMP! -- if they happen to get any other things done, it's accidental. The FBI, NSA, Justice Department, CIA, etc are merely wholly owed subsidiaries of the D party, just like the media.

BOistan is a simple, and increasingly dangerous place to not be a member of TP!

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jaguars Vikings:, Trump Oprah

Jaguars vs. Vikings: The Super Bowl We Don't Want but Probably Deserve | Bleacher Report:

I haven't watched an NFL game this year since they started kneeling. The two biggest reasons are Aaron Rogers and complete lack of cultural / historical awareness.

On Rogers, he is a smart and talented FOOTBALL player. If he was smart about anything else, he would have known  that telling people what to do about a protest is WAY beyond his pay grade, no matter how much he makes.

Americans salute the flag and kneel before NOBODY but God! Certainly not royalty. You want to protest? Stay in the locker room, put a towel over your head, or just SIT. Kneeling only shows that you are completely clueless.

Some things  (maybe EVERYTHING?) are bigger than football. I've really enjoyed not watching and caring this year -- certainly the Pack stinking helped that, however I really feel like "it's over". As long as it was "mindless entertaining fandom", it was fine -- pure fun, no harm no foul.

Once I moved to the sidelines however, the endless carping about calls, trolling of fans from other teams, and just downright NASTY exchanges over a GAME being played in billion dollar stadiums by often blank-brained "stars" making millions and tens of millions of dollars off the fat of what had once been a great land, while "taking a knee" rather than showing even mock respect, says that I want to deny them any of my money or attention.

I'm glad the Vikings finally got their "big play", however after witnessing 10's of similar plays, and at least 10's of similar bad plays from the defensive side ... the 4th and 26 in Philly in 2002 is a biggie, but there is a whole handful of them in the Seattle loss in 2015 ... none of which would have even mattered if McCarthy had not gone Amish conservative in the 2nd half and let Rogers play like a "liberal" Mennonite! But I digress.

Vikes - Jaguars and Trump - Oprah is exactly what we deserve in BOistan because we have totally lost touch with what matters and succomed to the "lowest common denominator" that is so low it is hard to imagine!

Let the Vikes and Jaguars fight it out in the over a billion dollar glass "Viking ship" of a "football stadium" and let somebody else care who wins.

We have jumped every shark possible at this point -- even our "entertainment" is polititicized, debauched, and completely uninteresting -- it is the "post caring BOistan", and Vikes-Jaguars would be the perfect "super" whatever for the has been NFL

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Armchair Media Sanity Assessment

Cognition of a Conservative - WSJ:

Let's face it, the media is having an absolutely horrible terrible week! After months of spectulation about "The 25th Amendment", and the clear evidence (according to them) of Trump's mental and physical unfitness for office, he gets a clean bill of both mental and physical health -- and they are HORRIFED.

I know many people, me included that found BO to be completely abhorrent as a president for policy and temprament reasons (taking condescention to a new level), but I don't recall any claiming he was "unfit for office" ... perhaps drug addicted? That would fit a popular stereotype and of course be "racist" One of the reporters wanted to find out what Trump could do to be as healthy as Obama -- the answer that should have been given was "take up smoking"?

The article is worth the read, it closes thusly ...

The press is always free to raise questions, even after they’ve been authoritatively answered. Media bias is an old story and readers and viewers are free to seek other news outlets if they’re looking for something more than a howl of rage against Mr. Trump.

But anyone issuing long-distance diagnoses contradicting the available medical evidence can hardly complain when reasonable people call it fake news.
Unfortunately for the media however, that was only PART of the horror that is this week. The DOW blasted through $26K for the first time in history and streams of good economic news just kept "leaking" ... the Apple news of bringing $250 billion in overseas money back to the US and building a new facility with 20,000 jobs was covered to near tears on NPR while I happened to be listening.

To their immense credit, they DID manage to do the whole story without mentioning "Trump" once ... and only referenced "tax reform" second hand when they said that Apple CEO Tim Cook has long been a critic of US corporate tax policy and had been stung by criticism of Apple's "tax avoidance". NPR can get pretty morose when it seems that things are going the least bit well under an R adminstration, specially when the story is big enough that they can't see how they can NOT report it!

My analysis is that the BOistan media is obsessed with Trump -- they are unable to accept the fact that he is president, and in their obsession they imagine that by creating and spreading stories that are gradeschool taunts ( "He said shithole!!!!"), somebody other than them will rise up and demand that he be removed from office for SOMETHING ... anything. Their belief in their own power is so irrational that they continue throwing themselves against Trump like a 3 year old against daddy, assuming that certainly he will be toppled by their next effort!

The fact that media in this country has been horribly biased for a VERY long time is not news. What seems to increasingly be more newsworthy is that they are also delusional as to their power, which we can dearly hope will eventually result in the demise of at least the most biased and delusional of their outlets.

Perhaps the annual Fake News Awards show can replace the Oscars, Globes, Emmys, etc as a "must watch awards show" in the near future!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Can Blacks Be Friends With Whites?

Can My Children Be Friends With White People? - The New York Times:

The content of the column is really not that surprising (I'm months behind on my blogging), nor really is the fact that it is published in what was supposed to be the "paper of record" in the old "America" ... the nation that was "Under God", and "endowned by it's creator". We don't live there, this is BOistan.
I do not write this with liberal condescension or glee. My heart is unbearably heavy when I assure you we cannot be friends.
The column is quite standard racial posturing -- forget all the multi-millionaire and even billionaire blacks. Take Oprah ... $2.8 billion and maybe running for president. Somebody is "afraid for their kids" -- we all know that if you live in a major BOistan city and you are white, you sure as hell tell your kids which parts of the city to stay out of entirely, and CERTAINLY after dark!

You may certainly be afraid for your kids if you are black as well -- but by far the most likely way for them to be killed is at the hands of another black!

So how "racist" can a nation that elects a black president (twice), and in which a black female multi-billionaire is considered by many a legitimate candidate for the same office on the basis of one speech on an awards show? Well, according to the author of the times column, VERY! Because, well, TRUMP!
Of course, the rise of this president has broken bonds on all sides. But for people of color the stakes are different. Imagining we can now be friends across this political line is asking us to ignore our safety and that of our children, to abandon personal regard and self-worth.
See Oprah can be an immediate legitimate candidate in the same nation in which Trump being elected means that blacks who imagine they might be "friends" with a white person would be "abandoning personal regard and self-worth". Got that?

This is what counts as "opinion" in the NY Times. Not just a random brain fart in a drunken stupor, but "opinion".

Does this person have any sort of thought that is NOT "liberal condescension"? I have my doubts.
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Faked Out In BOistan

Cory Booker hurts | Power Line:

I have no interest in the "shithole" controversy because it came from "unnamed sources" in a "closed meeting". Respectable media and people ignore those who traffic in rumor and innuendo from a "closed meeting". When they don't, there is no trust or truth, and fake manipulation wins out over reality. To wit:

  1. The meeting was CLOSED -- **IF** it was said, it should not have left the meeting.
  2. CERTAINLY, the "leaker(s)" and the media that spread it had and have an agenda and it is to manipulate the sheep against Trump.
  3. **IF** it was said, it was denied, both by Trump and others at the meeting, then it was CERTAINLY not some "important policy position". **IF** it was said, it might have been a "slip", it may have been just "tough talk you can use in closed meetings", OR, it could have been Trump putting something out to play the media cycle ... (**IF** he said it, that is my guess. He was sick of hearing about "the book" ). 

Sadly, this sort of "shit" is what we deal with in BOistan ... the vast majority of the sheeple play the stupid media games, so prima donnas like Cory Booker shreik about what is "unacceptable" -- cry me a river Booker, this is why Trump was elected.

How this stuff plays out in the tribal media is really sad to watch. NPR has already converted this "leak" to a "fact" --  with multiple stories asking "What do YOU think of the RACIST LANGUAGE used by Trump to refer to PEOPLE from these countries!". It's classic "Dog Whistling" ... you manufacture a "controversy" that is essentially about nothing (The Seinfeld schtick), but makes some sort of marketing (or negative marketing) "point". You could just as well say "Trump is a crude racist unqualified to be president" ... which they do, frequently, but saying the same thing over and over gets old, you need "variety". Why not call your "variety" a "fact"? It's all marketing.

The Homeland Security Secretary happened to deny under oath that Trump said the supposedly offensive comment in a meeting that was supposed to be closed -- I would have preferred that she would have said "I don't comment on what is said in closed meetings", but we don't live in America anymore. We live in BOistan, where AMAZINGLY, Cory Booker is actually a SENATOR! I guess NJ must really be a "shithole"!

"Shit" is certainly a lowest common denominator human substance -- the issue is what does one DO with it? In the "shithole countries", one doesn't bother to keep it separate from drinking water, which means that Cholera is a major isssue, and humans literally shit themselves to death. Both shit and Cholera are completely color blind. Shit happens to all people, and Cholera is a completely color blind killer. Drink water contaminated with shit, and you have a really really high chance of dying! We ARE all equal in SOME ways -- the idea of America vs BOistan is that we were once able to realize that we really don't want to be equal in ALL ways!

In America, the idea was that we would ADVANCE from that lowest common denominator and aspire to levels where we wouldn't drink our own (and others) shit. Clearly NPR and Cory Booker are appalled that there are still people hanging around BOistan that believe in ridiculous things like "closed meetings", "honoring oaths", and even attempting to have some sort of "standards".  Get rid of those "standards", and it tends to be not very long before you are literally drinking shit, rather than just drinking it figurativly since you have bought into things like this whole "shithole controversy".`

And so I get exposed to a lot of fecal material when I listen to NPR ... I just hope that I have enough other media sources and character to innoculate me against catching any diseases!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Shining Cities, Shitholes, Shinola


I'm not a lover of coarse language. BOistan however is a place where we hear the previously "wash your mouth out with soap" word "f*ck" constantly. To be offended by "words" in BOistan, a country where nobody is able to name the total number of "genders" -- let alone what each might mean, is to carry on some sort of charade that is so foolish as to make one question where and when such a person thinks they are living. (assuming they are serious, which most aren't)

One of Reagan's statements about the previous nation of America was that we were once a "Shining city on a hill". I was honored to call that nation home -- a lot of people knew what was "trump" in that nation.

There once was a time when people believed that closed meetings were closed. If people could not be trusted to even keep to themselves what was said in a closed meetings, those people were completely not trustworthy in word or deed. They and what they said was to be ignored. 

If they talked to media sources, the reputable media would not publish it -- they did not want to publish the words of dishonorable people because it primarily reflected more negatively on the media rather than on whomever or whatever was to be stabbed in the back by the calumny. 

If what was supposedly said got out and was denied by someone in the meeting, their word was accepted without question -- the meeting was closed. Whomever claimed somethng was said had already proven themselves untrustworthy. Others at the meeting had a right to expect that what they said at the meeting was private. The person betraying that expectation had already proven their mendacity. 

The media outlets that would carry things said by those not honoring the meeting rules were "gossip rags", purveyors of "yelllow journalism". People that had any sort of standards at all knew that things were often said in closed meetings that were not intended for wider dispersal. Here is an example of something LBJ is supposed to have said hoping he could hear "someone deny it"

I'm sure that history has LOTS of examples of presidents saying all sorts of things in "closed meetings", "off the record", etc ... here is LBJ being quite earthy ordering pants if you want some entertainment. LBJ could be VERY "earthy" ... and very racist as well, with a lot of use of the "N-word". I can't even imagine what US Grant might have said as president -- nor do I care. I certainly found W to be more "presidential" than Trump, however even his enemies give Trump credit for getting more done in his first year of office than W did in 8 ... that counts with me as well. 

"Unpresidential" is a synomym for "I don't like them" today ... we are in the presidential semen on blue dresses era -- even worse, we came close to making the "semenizer" the "First Masher". 

Anyone that knows "shit from shinola" knows what this is about -- we are in a 24x7 media, democrat and Deep State war to weaken, remove, destroy, or in any manner possible "resist" the duly elected president of BOistan. Naturally, those "resisting" groups had HUGE problems with anyone who even questioned a policy of BO ("racism" was the charge for disagreeing with a BO action). BOistan is not a failed tribal state that honors elections! 

The problem is that in BOistan, nearly nobody knows shit from shinola. The masses are generally so ill-informed and over marketed that the old derogatory term "rabble" would be a compliment. Sad back and forth sniping between tribal camps on "social media" over the latest media created "story" is what counts as "discourse". 

My personal policy is that I always replace the term "anonymous sources" with "space aliens" , and when I see "CNN" I replace it with "as reported in The National Enquirer" to determine my level of "trust". 

If you still hold a shred of sanity, this entire "story" is meaningless.

 In case Trump did say it, I too wonder why we take so many people from actual "shitholes" ... do some searches on "cholera" and countries like Hati, Yemen, etc and you may wonder as well ... "shit happens", and when you live in a "shithole", cholera also happens. Spending money so they could keep fecal material and drinking water separate would be WAY more "humanitarian" than whatever number of "refugees" we might take in. 

Sadly, if you have such sanity, I suspect you also already know the answer -- refugees vote democrat! That is why it is so important that we NOT have voter ID! While dead BOistanis often vote democrat as well, dead Hatians, Yemenis, etc don't, and thus we do actually know the sad reason why we take so many rather than fix the plumbing. 

Shut off  EVERYTHING ... America marketed itself a long way to BOistan. It will take more than marketing to get us out! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Scalia Speaks, Reflections on Law, Faith and Life Well Lived


If you care about ever returning to America, just want to understand why America was exceptional, have even a passing interest in the SCOTUS, or simply want to have a glimpse of a truly great man, read this book!

If you are or were a Christian, or simply know some of them, read "The Christian As Cretin" starting on page 107 ... his purpose "It has been my purpose to impart, to those already wise in Christ, the courage to have their wisdom reguarded as stupidity". He succeeded!

He makes the point expertly in a number of places that unless the written Constitution of the old United States is taken as a FIXED DOCUMENT that means what it was meant to mean when it was written, then we may as well have no Constitution at all! As he puts it on page 188; "Originalists believe that the provisions of the Constitution have a fixed meaning, which does not change: they mean today what they meant when they were adopted, nothing more and nothing less".

He makes the obvious point on page 153 that in 1920 when the 19th Amendment was ratified giving women the vote, everyone understood that adding such a new right REQUIRED a Constitutional Amendment, and so it was amended. "The Americans of 1920 understood what the Americans of 1992 seemingly do not, that the vague provisions of the Constituiton, such as the Equal Protection Clause and the Due Process Clause, are not invitations to constitutionalize our current desires from age to age, but rather bear a constant meaing that that accords with the meaning of those terms when they were adopted".

 It is that fixed meaning, and the separation of powers architected by it that allowed the enumerated rights to be maintained in the old US until the Warren Court. Scalia shows a number of enumerated "rights" from the Constitution of the old USSR -- not worth the paper they were printed on because the architecture of the government of the USSR did nothing to protect them!

On page 337, he states what I have tried to state a number of times far more eloquently than I could ever hope to do: "The issue is not wether there should be provision for the poor, but rather the degree to which that provision should be made through the coercive power of the state. Christ said after all, that you should give your goods to the poor, not that you should force someone else to give his".

Readers of this blog have heard me harp on all the things that Scalia elucidates with far more skill than I can ever muster ... the critical importance of faith, the fact that our founders (even Jefferson) wanted a government that favored religion over irreligion! As he says on page 71 "What I am saying is that it is contrary to our founding principles to inisist that government be hostile to religion, or even to insist (as my court, alas, has done in word though not in deed) that government cannot favor religion over irreligion. It is not a matter of believing that God exists (though personally I believe that); it is a matter of believing, as our Founders did, that belief is very conducive to a successful republic."

There is no reason for me to keep talking here -- anyone that wants some rememberance of America to be recovered from BOistan -- even if it is just a remnant to teach to future generations, needs to read this book. It is witty, wise, and very important. It is ALSO entertaining, and HOPEFUL ... Scalia's friendship with Justice Ginsburg is a model of how things ought operate in a nation which held many things much more sacred than politics!

Thanks be to God for allowing Judge Scalia to sit on the Supreme Court! Our loss is clearly Heaven's gain!

The Lowest And Highest


Charles Blow is clearly a theologian in his own mind.
That is because Trump is man-as-message, man-as-messiah. Trump support isn’t philosophical but theological.

Trumpism is a religion founded on patriarchy and white supremacy.

It is the belief that even the least qualified man is a better choice than the most qualified woman and a belief that the most vile, anti-intellectual, scandal-plagued simpleton of a white man is sufficient to follow in the presidential footsteps of the best educated, most eloquent, most affable black man.
Our nation was founded on the idea that all men were created equal before God -- equal in opportunity rather than result. Yes, blacks and women for that matter, were not included in that declaration -- we are talking the late 1700's. The idea of equality before God vs the Divine Right of Kings, aristocracy, etc was a new and very exceptional idea, it needed a few revisions.

The part that is really hard for Mr Blow is the idea that one is required to "love their neighbor as themselves" and even to "love their enemies". Outside of Christianity, such thinking borders on the insane -- POWER, and "worthiness" as defined by Mr Blow are what "ought to count". I personally would find Thomas Sowell to be FAR more "educated, eloquent and affable" than Obama, but since we live in a political system where the selections for president are made by voting under the rules of the Constitution, neither Mr Blow's or my opinions really matter for that office.

"Trumpism" like "BOisnm" is indeed more of a "religion" than anything else -- since we have largely abandoned the ideals of "endowed by our Creator", the past two presidencies have very much been Nietzchean attempts at allegiance to value creating "supermen". When the coin of the realm is POWER as opposed to historical religion, philosophy, tradition, standards, etc, then "black power" or "white supremacy" are as good a basis as any other. When you throw out all that "old stuff", you are left with NO RULES ... which can seem pretty great when "your side" is in power, but not so great otherwise.

I'm not really sure what "perfect" means in a world with no God, no meaning, no love and certainly no shame, but it would seem Mr Blow has never heard of Matt 25:40, "The least of these'. My personal pick would be the sixty million and rising innocent unborn babies, not Trump.

No matter, to be a Christian is to say with Paul as in first Timothy 1:15.
This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.
I'll take the place of Trump as the chief of sinners -- the lowest. In his theological language, Blow seems to think that Trump somehow makes "white supremacy perfect". Can either white or black supremacy be "perfect"? I guess in the world of Blow it is so.
For white supremacy to be made perfect, the lowest white man must be exalted above those who are black.

Enemies Attest To Trump Effectiveness

55 Ways Donald Trump Structurally Changed America in 2017:

One of the problems with "narratives" (stories) is that they tend to select and embellish some factual elements while totally ignoring or being very quiet on others. The "Trump hasn't accomplished anything" (well except for Neil Gorsuch and more judicial appointments than any other president in their first year, a tax bill that repealed the worst piece of BOcare (the mandate), exploding a million liberals heads ... oh well, you get the picture).

NY Magazine is no friend of anything remotely conservative or Chrisitian, so they find all of these 55 things that "structurally changed America" (BOistan) to be really really bad. I scanned them, find most of them to be "good news" or "OK news" in general ... the "structural changes" are mostly undoing BO strokes of his pen that were at best marginally Constitutional, or telling congress to do it's job (eg. DACA)

The point is that the media will tell you that Trump is a terribly INeffective executive, while here they tell you that he is a fabulously EFFECTIVE executive -- getting things done is what exectutives do. You not liking what they accomplish means you don't like their direction, not that they are not effective!

Much as with any R presideent (Reagan and W come to mind), Trump is BOTH an evil genius and an insane fool with a myriad of mental health isses, a totally ineffective president making 10's of "structural changes" in BOistan in a single year ... consistency is a word that never even registers with the left.


Actually, there are quite a number of opponents of Trump that can attest to his effectiveness ... Mitt Romney, Little Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Jebbie Bush, Ted Cruz, Megyn Kelly, CNN ...

Saturday, January 06, 2018

BO Threatens To Destroy Rocket Man in 2016

'We could destroy you,' Obama warns 'erratic' North Korean leader:

“We could, obviously, destroy North Korea with our arsenals,” he [BO] told CBS News. " (April 2016)

Naturally nobody believed BO, nor did anyone believe in his "Red Line" in Syria. If you had any sense, you never believed in much of anything he said -- "if you like your healthcare, you can keep it" being just one sterling example.

The media obviously takes Trump FAR more seriously -- as they (and the USSR) did Reagan.

Saying the word "pussy" is much less problematic for a leader than having everyone know that the leader IS a "pussy".

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Thursday, January 04, 2018

New Man Behind Russian Curtain

The new Times origin story | Power Line:

The Wizard of Oz is often an apt metaphor for the machinations of "The Party" (TP-D) ... the best scene is "the man behind the curtain" ... sometimes even when we see that Oz is just a media illusion, they decide to change up "the man behind the curtain" to further confuse the weak minded, as in this case ...

In his column McCarthy shows the Times sending its previous origin story down the memory hole. The Times has sent it down the memory hole in order to rewrite the history it previously served up. The Times has a new origin story in the putative collusion case. Where once was Carter Page, now is George Papadopoulos.
Because TP has so much power, and because the bulk of that power is unacknowledged -- eg. the media is supposedly "unbiased", the Administrative / Deep State is still supposed to be fiction, BOTH the "powers behind the curtain", AND "reality" itself are regularly manipulated.

Take Benghazi -- four Americans, 3 SEALS and the US Ambassador were killed, the US Embassy was overrun. These are actually FACTS in the real world -- both political sides agree that these happened. However in the Benghazi case, TP tells us that not only are we to pay no attention to the "man behind the curtain", but to reality itself! Nothing to see here folks "all caused by a movie" ... move along. The FACTS hang in some limbo land where "nobody is responsible".  Four lives are lost because of ???? . well in this case, maybe a movie ... "But, what difference -- at this point, what difference does it make"?

In the Russian collusion case, 18 months after we were aprised of the supposed "crime", we still have nothing at all to show for that "crime". Even stranger, let's assume "collusion" was real. What pray tell was the mechanism to influence the election? The Russians bought some Facebook Ads? They helped some news outlet somewhere put out a "fake story"? They put drugs in the water in IA, WI, MI and PA? HOW did they "manipulate the election"? The mind boggles -- we are daily being hammered with the importance of investigating the "collusion to subvert our 2016 election" yet,  could someone give us SOME idea as to what such "subversion" would entail?

So it is hard to figure out "how", it is impossible to figure out "why". The core of the Russian economy is energy -- they paid upwards of $50 million to "The Clinton Fund" (funds for Clintons) to capture 20% of the urainium in N America. We know that the Russians have spent 10's of millions funding anti-fracking groups. So riddle me this, which candidate was anti-fracking?? Yup, Hillary -- Hillary WINNING was in the best interest of the Russians! Bernie wiunning would have been even BETTER! My guess is that their e-mail hacking was in hopes of helping Bernie -- but of course the primaries were RIGGED! Poor Russians, stuck with pro-fracking Trump!

My mind goes back to the possibility of floridated water ... perhaps that is how they "subverted the election"???

We live in a nation where most of the media -- NY Times, WaPo, the TV networks, CNN, NPR, etc are fully dedicated to the advancement of TP and it's agenda to the exclusion of all else -- especially "facts". The fact that BO was saying that any questioning of the election was tantamount to treason just over two weeks prior to the election in 2016 is WELL down the memory hole! Over a year later, questioning the election is a full time job for most of the MSM ... although any sort of hint as to "how" the nefarious Ruskies might have pulled it off is conspicuously missing, let alone "why". Motive? TRUMP! It seems plenty for the MSM -- their power comes from unicorn farts.

The McCarthy column is well worth the read ... we are so far down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass and following the yellow brick road that any attempt for most of the public to see any sort of facsimilie of "reality" from here is quite impossible.

Could it be that enough people voted for Trump in mostly "red" areas that care VERY little about Russians, Facebook, the MSM, TP, or really ANY kind of news ... "fake" or otherwise to get him elected, and now, even though we were ASSURED by the MSM that he would ABSOLUTELY wreck the economy, the Dow has gone over 25K?, they are really finding things not so very bad after his election at all?

"Deplorables" get confused -- because we have been assured that it isn't going to go below zero anymore, we ran out of oil in the 1970's, Reagan blew us all up in the 1980's, and the "era of big government" was over in the late '90s ... it is just too confusing for us stupid folks!

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Trump Destroys US Economy

Donald Trump's Economic Ideas Would Destroy the American Economy - The Atlantic:

Trump’s economic ideas are so haphazard that, by their own merits, they scarcely deserve to be taken seriously or considered alongside each other. But given that he has managed to become the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, the media doesn’t have a choice. Like so much of his candidacy, those ideas are a joke—one that the country is civically obligated to take seriously.
Seems obvious that the analysis of the Atlantic is not only a JOKE, it is a really really stupid bad joke! Tell me again why it is that anyone in BOistan cares what  the MSM in general and tbe Atlantic in particular" has to say about ANYTHING? We certainly have no obligation -- "civic" or otherwise to pay any attention to a people that clearly have no clue at all.

Some guesses ...
  1. Absolutely no memory at all 
  2. Total sheep ... what they say, we believe
  3. They care about what is said by the "popular press", not what actually happens
  4. WE HATE TRUMP! What else could possibly matter? 
  5. ??? 

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Proven Fascism In WI

What happened in Wisconsin: Sen. Tiffany comments | Power Line:

I covered what happened here, breaking down doors of conservatives in the early AM hours, gag rules, illegal use of private information to target other conservatives -- exactly what was supposed to be MOST abhorrent to ALL Americans! At least "McCarthyism" was about a foreign threat -- this was ONLY about partisan politics! This is the "The Party" (TP-D) using the government against it's political opponents -- just as we see now with the Deep State attacking Trump. Unsurprisingly ...
One tidbit your non-Wisconsin readers may find interesting: the administrator of the now-defunct GAB was Kevin Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy acknowledged a few years ago he was a confidant of the IRS’s Lois Lerner. They communicated frequently. Having a front row seat viewing the Troubles in Wisconsin the past seven years, I have seen the eerie the parallels between the John Doe and the Mueller investigation in D.C.
There isn't really anything surprising at all here -- prior to Trump, Scott Walker was the only leader that has shown the courage to take on the Deep State (at the WI state level) -- he very MILDLY reduced the cronyism between TP and the public unions and was saddled with statewide strikes, vandalism, threats of violence, lawsuits and a recall election.

The Deep State of WI leaked what they considered the most damning evidence -- evidence that was legally required to be kept secret to influence the SCOTUS.
On Sept. 14, 2016, the Guardian published some 1,300 pages of court-sealed John Doe-related documents. The liberal British publication used the cherry-picked, leaked records in a story that arrived a couple of weeks before theU.S. Supreme Court decided it wouldn’t weigh in on the Wisconsin matter.
Did it work? Probably -- the SCOTUS decided to not intervene. Power Line concludes another column on the issue with this ...
Let me repeat the conclusion to my post on the report last week. The wrongdoing detailed in the WisDoJ report is of the deeply fascist variety that exceeds my poor powers of denunciation. Suffice it to say that it combines the instruments of tyranny — physical torture omitted — in the service of the suppression of conservatives. The story is shocking almost beyond belief. One might ask where the outrage is, but at this point we should probably ask if anyone is paying attention.
Democracy doesn't so much "die in darkness" as it dies when a single political party controls the media, education system, legal system, and the federal / state bureaucracies as TP does in BOistan.

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Waiting For The Ubermensch

Trump Haters Left & Right versus Trump Supporters: Civil War Field Guide | National Review:

A worthy article to read -- a sober and well written categorzation of the feelings of the chattering classes and the electorate in the age of Trump. The haters -- something like a third to a half of "The Party" (TP-D), so something like 20% of the electorate are of course the most visible.

The Trump haters dominate our media and the universities, the entertainment industries, Silicon Valley, the billionaire green classes, the foundations and the brigades of professional foot-soldier activists, identity-politics operatives, and the Bernie Sanders shock troops. They are frenzied because they think their 1,000 cuts have finally hit arteries — only to see Trump revive in Nietzschean fashion, emerging stronger for the wounds. To come so close to ending this nightmare only to realize they are at the alpha and not the omega of their efforts intensifies their hatred.
Most of these people were also Obama Zombies who in their "post god" world saw BO as a Nietzchean "value creator" (ubermensch). In a world without god, the only support for "values" is a "superman", and the left felt certain that "all reasonable people" MUST have been changed to the "values" of BO ... slaughter of millions of unborn, "gay" marriage, unknown genders, disprespect for the flag and the military, snide posuturing against people "bitterly clinging" to the Bible and the 2nd Amendement, etc

Strangely, the screaming and howling of the sheltered elite when 2016 didn't go as they were certain it would is a sound that causes the culture of the old "America" to come together -- at least a little.

Yet Trump hatred only solidifies the Trump base. It also reminds independents and wavering centrist Republicans that in a Manichean fight (and the Trump haters seem to envision the current landscape as just that), one inevitably chooses sides. If the choice is reduced to a crude rant at a public Trump rally or the rioters at Claremont, Berkeley, and Middlebury, a screaming Madonna, the “pigs in blanket” chanters of Black Lives Matter, and the masked marauders of Antifa, the Trump haters probably lose.
The BO and the Trump base are way more similar than either would like to admit. They are BOTH looking for Nietzschean "value creators" who attack their opposition and make them feel justified, moral and powerful. BO did it with snide smoothness, Trump does it with twittering bluster -- the same buttons are being pushed in either case.

Trump’s base is as loyal as was Obama’s. Obama’s puerile cluelessness (the Malvinas are the Falklands, 57 states, corpse-men), his divisiveness (get in their faces, take a gun to a knife fight, punish our enemies), and his venom (high-horse Christians, stereotyping police, bitter clingers, etc.) could never erode the Obama foundation, as long as he offered his faux-southern-accent act, quoted arc-of-history banalities, talked Final Four, and caricatured the rich, the businessman, and the successful. So too the Trump voter will stay to the bitter end with Trump — if he stays with them.
Being a Christian, I'm not very excited about the idea of any human being  (or even human being ... being! ;-) ) a "values creator" -- however, anyone with a marginal education who pays even a tiny bit of attention certainly has to observe the prescience of Nietzsche relative to the "superman" ... Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, and yes, to a much lesser extent, BO and Trump -- "lesser" so far, but without any shared values, morality is purely a matter of POWER, so eventually, one of the tribal groups shorn of Constitutional restraint and any sense of honoring tradition is nearly certain to defeat / gulag / kill the opposing tribe and pay the dues of "killing god" in blood and treasure.

As a Christian, I also believe in the willingness of God to intervene on the side of a people who will seek his will -- "America" could revive and with God's Grace become again "One Nation Under God". I want a leader -- and a people, that kneel humbly before God, and proudly salute the Flag!

As is always the case with man, we await the almighty -- or some mere human that is willing to pretend he is almighty. To date, God has been FAR more merciful than any of the other "strong men" who attempt to create values for the masses!

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