Thursday, January 18, 2018

Armchair Media Sanity Assessment

Cognition of a Conservative - WSJ:

Let's face it, the media is having an absolutely horrible terrible week! After months of spectulation about "The 25th Amendment", and the clear evidence (according to them) of Trump's mental and physical unfitness for office, he gets a clean bill of both mental and physical health -- and they are HORRIFED.

I know many people, me included that found BO to be completely abhorrent as a president for policy and temprament reasons (taking condescention to a new level), but I don't recall any claiming he was "unfit for office" ... perhaps drug addicted? That would fit a popular stereotype and of course be "racist" One of the reporters wanted to find out what Trump could do to be as healthy as Obama -- the answer that should have been given was "take up smoking"?

The article is worth the read, it closes thusly ...

The press is always free to raise questions, even after they’ve been authoritatively answered. Media bias is an old story and readers and viewers are free to seek other news outlets if they’re looking for something more than a howl of rage against Mr. Trump.

But anyone issuing long-distance diagnoses contradicting the available medical evidence can hardly complain when reasonable people call it fake news.
Unfortunately for the media however, that was only PART of the horror that is this week. The DOW blasted through $26K for the first time in history and streams of good economic news just kept "leaking" ... the Apple news of bringing $250 billion in overseas money back to the US and building a new facility with 20,000 jobs was covered to near tears on NPR while I happened to be listening.

To their immense credit, they DID manage to do the whole story without mentioning "Trump" once ... and only referenced "tax reform" second hand when they said that Apple CEO Tim Cook has long been a critic of US corporate tax policy and had been stung by criticism of Apple's "tax avoidance". NPR can get pretty morose when it seems that things are going the least bit well under an R adminstration, specially when the story is big enough that they can't see how they can NOT report it!

My analysis is that the BOistan media is obsessed with Trump -- they are unable to accept the fact that he is president, and in their obsession they imagine that by creating and spreading stories that are gradeschool taunts ( "He said shithole!!!!"), somebody other than them will rise up and demand that he be removed from office for SOMETHING ... anything. Their belief in their own power is so irrational that they continue throwing themselves against Trump like a 3 year old against daddy, assuming that certainly he will be toppled by their next effort!

The fact that media in this country has been horribly biased for a VERY long time is not news. What seems to increasingly be more newsworthy is that they are also delusional as to their power, which we can dearly hope will eventually result in the demise of at least the most biased and delusional of their outlets.

Perhaps the annual Fake News Awards show can replace the Oscars, Globes, Emmys, etc as a "must watch awards show" in the near future!

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