Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Faked Out In BOistan

Cory Booker hurts | Power Line:

I have no interest in the "shithole" controversy because it came from "unnamed sources" in a "closed meeting". Respectable media and people ignore those who traffic in rumor and innuendo from a "closed meeting". When they don't, there is no trust or truth, and fake manipulation wins out over reality. To wit:

  1. The meeting was CLOSED -- **IF** it was said, it should not have left the meeting.
  2. CERTAINLY, the "leaker(s)" and the media that spread it had and have an agenda and it is to manipulate the sheep against Trump.
  3. **IF** it was said, it was denied, both by Trump and others at the meeting, then it was CERTAINLY not some "important policy position". **IF** it was said, it might have been a "slip", it may have been just "tough talk you can use in closed meetings", OR, it could have been Trump putting something out to play the media cycle ... (**IF** he said it, that is my guess. He was sick of hearing about "the book" ). 

Sadly, this sort of "shit" is what we deal with in BOistan ... the vast majority of the sheeple play the stupid media games, so prima donnas like Cory Booker shreik about what is "unacceptable" -- cry me a river Booker, this is why Trump was elected.

How this stuff plays out in the tribal media is really sad to watch. NPR has already converted this "leak" to a "fact" --  with multiple stories asking "What do YOU think of the RACIST LANGUAGE used by Trump to refer to PEOPLE from these countries!". It's classic "Dog Whistling" ... you manufacture a "controversy" that is essentially about nothing (The Seinfeld schtick), but makes some sort of marketing (or negative marketing) "point". You could just as well say "Trump is a crude racist unqualified to be president" ... which they do, frequently, but saying the same thing over and over gets old, you need "variety". Why not call your "variety" a "fact"? It's all marketing.

The Homeland Security Secretary happened to deny under oath that Trump said the supposedly offensive comment in a meeting that was supposed to be closed -- I would have preferred that she would have said "I don't comment on what is said in closed meetings", but we don't live in America anymore. We live in BOistan, where AMAZINGLY, Cory Booker is actually a SENATOR! I guess NJ must really be a "shithole"!

"Shit" is certainly a lowest common denominator human substance -- the issue is what does one DO with it? In the "shithole countries", one doesn't bother to keep it separate from drinking water, which means that Cholera is a major isssue, and humans literally shit themselves to death. Both shit and Cholera are completely color blind. Shit happens to all people, and Cholera is a completely color blind killer. Drink water contaminated with shit, and you have a really really high chance of dying! We ARE all equal in SOME ways -- the idea of America vs BOistan is that we were once able to realize that we really don't want to be equal in ALL ways!

In America, the idea was that we would ADVANCE from that lowest common denominator and aspire to levels where we wouldn't drink our own (and others) shit. Clearly NPR and Cory Booker are appalled that there are still people hanging around BOistan that believe in ridiculous things like "closed meetings", "honoring oaths", and even attempting to have some sort of "standards".  Get rid of those "standards", and it tends to be not very long before you are literally drinking shit, rather than just drinking it figurativly since you have bought into things like this whole "shithole controversy".`

And so I get exposed to a lot of fecal material when I listen to NPR ... I just hope that I have enough other media sources and character to innoculate me against catching any diseases!

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