Thursday, January 18, 2018

Jaguars Vikings:, Trump Oprah

Jaguars vs. Vikings: The Super Bowl We Don't Want but Probably Deserve | Bleacher Report:

I haven't watched an NFL game this year since they started kneeling. The two biggest reasons are Aaron Rogers and complete lack of cultural / historical awareness.

On Rogers, he is a smart and talented FOOTBALL player. If he was smart about anything else, he would have known  that telling people what to do about a protest is WAY beyond his pay grade, no matter how much he makes.

Americans salute the flag and kneel before NOBODY but God! Certainly not royalty. You want to protest? Stay in the locker room, put a towel over your head, or just SIT. Kneeling only shows that you are completely clueless.

Some things  (maybe EVERYTHING?) are bigger than football. I've really enjoyed not watching and caring this year -- certainly the Pack stinking helped that, however I really feel like "it's over". As long as it was "mindless entertaining fandom", it was fine -- pure fun, no harm no foul.

Once I moved to the sidelines however, the endless carping about calls, trolling of fans from other teams, and just downright NASTY exchanges over a GAME being played in billion dollar stadiums by often blank-brained "stars" making millions and tens of millions of dollars off the fat of what had once been a great land, while "taking a knee" rather than showing even mock respect, says that I want to deny them any of my money or attention.

I'm glad the Vikings finally got their "big play", however after witnessing 10's of similar plays, and at least 10's of similar bad plays from the defensive side ... the 4th and 26 in Philly in 2002 is a biggie, but there is a whole handful of them in the Seattle loss in 2015 ... none of which would have even mattered if McCarthy had not gone Amish conservative in the 2nd half and let Rogers play like a "liberal" Mennonite! But I digress.

Vikes - Jaguars and Trump - Oprah is exactly what we deserve in BOistan because we have totally lost touch with what matters and succomed to the "lowest common denominator" that is so low it is hard to imagine!

Let the Vikes and Jaguars fight it out in the over a billion dollar glass "Viking ship" of a "football stadium" and let somebody else care who wins.

We have jumped every shark possible at this point -- even our "entertainment" is polititicized, debauched, and completely uninteresting -- it is the "post caring BOistan", and Vikes-Jaguars would be the perfect "super" whatever for the has been NFL

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