Thursday, January 04, 2018

New Man Behind Russian Curtain

The new Times origin story | Power Line:

The Wizard of Oz is often an apt metaphor for the machinations of "The Party" (TP-D) ... the best scene is "the man behind the curtain" ... sometimes even when we see that Oz is just a media illusion, they decide to change up "the man behind the curtain" to further confuse the weak minded, as in this case ...

In his column McCarthy shows the Times sending its previous origin story down the memory hole. The Times has sent it down the memory hole in order to rewrite the history it previously served up. The Times has a new origin story in the putative collusion case. Where once was Carter Page, now is George Papadopoulos.
Because TP has so much power, and because the bulk of that power is unacknowledged -- eg. the media is supposedly "unbiased", the Administrative / Deep State is still supposed to be fiction, BOTH the "powers behind the curtain", AND "reality" itself are regularly manipulated.

Take Benghazi -- four Americans, 3 SEALS and the US Ambassador were killed, the US Embassy was overrun. These are actually FACTS in the real world -- both political sides agree that these happened. However in the Benghazi case, TP tells us that not only are we to pay no attention to the "man behind the curtain", but to reality itself! Nothing to see here folks "all caused by a movie" ... move along. The FACTS hang in some limbo land where "nobody is responsible".  Four lives are lost because of ???? . well in this case, maybe a movie ... "But, what difference -- at this point, what difference does it make"?

In the Russian collusion case, 18 months after we were aprised of the supposed "crime", we still have nothing at all to show for that "crime". Even stranger, let's assume "collusion" was real. What pray tell was the mechanism to influence the election? The Russians bought some Facebook Ads? They helped some news outlet somewhere put out a "fake story"? They put drugs in the water in IA, WI, MI and PA? HOW did they "manipulate the election"? The mind boggles -- we are daily being hammered with the importance of investigating the "collusion to subvert our 2016 election" yet,  could someone give us SOME idea as to what such "subversion" would entail?

So it is hard to figure out "how", it is impossible to figure out "why". The core of the Russian economy is energy -- they paid upwards of $50 million to "The Clinton Fund" (funds for Clintons) to capture 20% of the urainium in N America. We know that the Russians have spent 10's of millions funding anti-fracking groups. So riddle me this, which candidate was anti-fracking?? Yup, Hillary -- Hillary WINNING was in the best interest of the Russians! Bernie wiunning would have been even BETTER! My guess is that their e-mail hacking was in hopes of helping Bernie -- but of course the primaries were RIGGED! Poor Russians, stuck with pro-fracking Trump!

My mind goes back to the possibility of floridated water ... perhaps that is how they "subverted the election"???

We live in a nation where most of the media -- NY Times, WaPo, the TV networks, CNN, NPR, etc are fully dedicated to the advancement of TP and it's agenda to the exclusion of all else -- especially "facts". The fact that BO was saying that any questioning of the election was tantamount to treason just over two weeks prior to the election in 2016 is WELL down the memory hole! Over a year later, questioning the election is a full time job for most of the MSM ... although any sort of hint as to "how" the nefarious Ruskies might have pulled it off is conspicuously missing, let alone "why". Motive? TRUMP! It seems plenty for the MSM -- their power comes from unicorn farts.

The McCarthy column is well worth the read ... we are so far down the rabbit hole, through the looking glass and following the yellow brick road that any attempt for most of the public to see any sort of facsimilie of "reality" from here is quite impossible.

Could it be that enough people voted for Trump in mostly "red" areas that care VERY little about Russians, Facebook, the MSM, TP, or really ANY kind of news ... "fake" or otherwise to get him elected, and now, even though we were ASSURED by the MSM that he would ABSOLUTELY wreck the economy, the Dow has gone over 25K?, they are really finding things not so very bad after his election at all?

"Deplorables" get confused -- because we have been assured that it isn't going to go below zero anymore, we ran out of oil in the 1970's, Reagan blew us all up in the 1980's, and the "era of big government" was over in the late '90s ... it is just too confusing for us stupid folks!

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