Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Nixon Cleared of 20 Minute Tape Gap

FBI did not save officials’ texts during key period in Trump probe, senator says - The Washington Post:

Being an avid NPR listener, I've OFTEN been reminded of the HORROR of Nixon possibly erasing a WHOLE 20 MINUTES of tape! The man was simply evil.

For decades, most "conservatives" harbored the belief, that increasingly became a "hope", that eventually became a "memory", that people on the left actually had "standards" that they would apply with some reasonable semblance of similarity to ANYONE, independent of political party. That was in America. BO was finally the proof that we no longer live there, thus BOistan.

In BOistan, we know that all sorts of documents relative to various Clinton escapades from Arkansas, up to and including many thousands of e-mails while she was Secretary of State, are just "missing" ... they must have been "wiped, like with a cloth".

If you are on the left, this bothers you not at all -- it is considered "smart" even. "They have never been able to PROVE anything on the Clinton's"! Politics has become such a "team sport", that people act like fans rather than the voting EMPLOYERS of temporary politicians that we at least once kidded ourselves would be held to "standards" ( that used to be a word in America ).

The conservative way up through Slick Willie, and even attempted with BO on Gun Runner, Benghazi, Lois Lerner IRS, etc, was to still imagine this "standards thing" worked both ways -- which it became increasingly obvious it did not. The IRS scandal is really the most troubling, along what was seen in Wisconsin. These cases show the Administrative / Deep State is certainly part of "The Party" taking direct action against the opposing political party. Actions which VERY much echo how the National Socialist party in Germany and the Communist party in the USSR operated.

The linked article lets us know that hundreds of text communications between Democrat political partisans who first worked to exhonorate Hillary, and were then moved over to smear Trump, "were not retained". Shocking! Round up the usual suspects!

The FBI did not retain text messages exchanged by two senior officials involved in the probes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for a five-month period ending the day a special counsel was appointed to investigate possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, according to a new congressional letter.
How do nations become totalitarian? You grow the government to the point where it's employees are a major political force on their own. Then, if you are really really stupid, you allow them to be unionized so that their union can be a huge source of funds and shock troops for the dominant party of government. You make it totally OK -- encouraged even, and eventually a de-facto requirement for all government employees to be members of "The Party" (TP-D). "Joining The Party" becomes a rite of passage for those seeking jobs with the government.

Eventually you get to where we are now -- even supposed "enforcement" parts of government are just organs of TP. We all KNOW this of course, we just don't want to see it made as obvious as Lois Lerner, the Wisconsin Kristalnacht, and now this example from the FBI makes it. Most would like to kid themselves that TP ( "The Party"-D) is "different" than what the National Socialist or Communist political parties were. Certainly -- and the Nazis / Communists were and are "different" from each  other too, however what they had in common and do with TP, is POWER ... raw, amoral / immoral lust for power. The only TP ideology that matters is POWER ... "diversity, welfare, equality, abortion, free sex, attacking religion, open borders, not IDing voters, etc" are merely tools to increase power.

The shared purpose of all our alphabet agencies at this point is REMOVE TRUMP! -- if they happen to get any other things done, it's accidental. The FBI, NSA, Justice Department, CIA, etc are merely wholly owed subsidiaries of the D party, just like the media.

BOistan is a simple, and increasingly dangerous place to not be a member of TP!

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