Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Proven Fascism In WI

What happened in Wisconsin: Sen. Tiffany comments | Power Line:

I covered what happened here, breaking down doors of conservatives in the early AM hours, gag rules, illegal use of private information to target other conservatives -- exactly what was supposed to be MOST abhorrent to ALL Americans! At least "McCarthyism" was about a foreign threat -- this was ONLY about partisan politics! This is the "The Party" (TP-D) using the government against it's political opponents -- just as we see now with the Deep State attacking Trump. Unsurprisingly ...
One tidbit your non-Wisconsin readers may find interesting: the administrator of the now-defunct GAB was Kevin Kennedy. Mr. Kennedy acknowledged a few years ago he was a confidant of the IRS’s Lois Lerner. They communicated frequently. Having a front row seat viewing the Troubles in Wisconsin the past seven years, I have seen the eerie the parallels between the John Doe and the Mueller investigation in D.C.
There isn't really anything surprising at all here -- prior to Trump, Scott Walker was the only leader that has shown the courage to take on the Deep State (at the WI state level) -- he very MILDLY reduced the cronyism between TP and the public unions and was saddled with statewide strikes, vandalism, threats of violence, lawsuits and a recall election.

The Deep State of WI leaked what they considered the most damning evidence -- evidence that was legally required to be kept secret to influence the SCOTUS.
On Sept. 14, 2016, the Guardian published some 1,300 pages of court-sealed John Doe-related documents. The liberal British publication used the cherry-picked, leaked records in a story that arrived a couple of weeks before theU.S. Supreme Court decided it wouldn’t weigh in on the Wisconsin matter.
Did it work? Probably -- the SCOTUS decided to not intervene. Power Line concludes another column on the issue with this ...
Let me repeat the conclusion to my post on the report last week. The wrongdoing detailed in the WisDoJ report is of the deeply fascist variety that exceeds my poor powers of denunciation. Suffice it to say that it combines the instruments of tyranny — physical torture omitted — in the service of the suppression of conservatives. The story is shocking almost beyond belief. One might ask where the outrage is, but at this point we should probably ask if anyone is paying attention.
Democracy doesn't so much "die in darkness" as it dies when a single political party controls the media, education system, legal system, and the federal / state bureaucracies as TP does in BOistan.

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