Friday, January 12, 2018

Shining Cities, Shitholes, Shinola

I'm not a lover of coarse language. BOistan however is a place where we hear the previously "wash your mouth out with soap" word "f*ck" constantly. To be offended by "words" in BOistan, a country where nobody is able to name the total number of "genders" -- let alone what each might mean, is to carry on some sort of charade that is so foolish as to make one question where and when such a person thinks they are living. (assuming they are serious, which most aren't)

One of Reagan's statements about the previous nation of America was that we were once a "Shining city on a hill". I was honored to call that nation home -- a lot of people knew what was "trump" in that nation.

There once was a time when people believed that closed meetings were closed. If people could not be trusted to even keep to themselves what was said in a closed meetings, those people were completely not trustworthy in word or deed. They and what they said was to be ignored. 

If they talked to media sources, the reputable media would not publish it -- they did not want to publish the words of dishonorable people because it primarily reflected more negatively on the media rather than on whomever or whatever was to be stabbed in the back by the calumny. 

If what was supposedly said got out and was denied by someone in the meeting, their word was accepted without question -- the meeting was closed. Whomever claimed somethng was said had already proven themselves untrustworthy. Others at the meeting had a right to expect that what they said at the meeting was private. The person betraying that expectation had already proven their mendacity. 

The media outlets that would carry things said by those not honoring the meeting rules were "gossip rags", purveyors of "yelllow journalism". People that had any sort of standards at all knew that things were often said in closed meetings that were not intended for wider dispersal. Here is an example of something LBJ is supposed to have said hoping he could hear "someone deny it"

I'm sure that history has LOTS of examples of presidents saying all sorts of things in "closed meetings", "off the record", etc ... here is LBJ being quite earthy ordering pants if you want some entertainment. LBJ could be VERY "earthy" ... and very racist as well, with a lot of use of the "N-word". I can't even imagine what US Grant might have said as president -- nor do I care. I certainly found W to be more "presidential" than Trump, however even his enemies give Trump credit for getting more done in his first year of office than W did in 8 ... that counts with me as well. 

"Unpresidential" is a synomym for "I don't like them" today ... we are in the presidential semen on blue dresses era -- even worse, we came close to making the "semenizer" the "First Masher". 

Anyone that knows "shit from shinola" knows what this is about -- we are in a 24x7 media, democrat and Deep State war to weaken, remove, destroy, or in any manner possible "resist" the duly elected president of BOistan. Naturally, those "resisting" groups had HUGE problems with anyone who even questioned a policy of BO ("racism" was the charge for disagreeing with a BO action). BOistan is not a failed tribal state that honors elections! 

The problem is that in BOistan, nearly nobody knows shit from shinola. The masses are generally so ill-informed and over marketed that the old derogatory term "rabble" would be a compliment. Sad back and forth sniping between tribal camps on "social media" over the latest media created "story" is what counts as "discourse". 

My personal policy is that I always replace the term "anonymous sources" with "space aliens" , and when I see "CNN" I replace it with "as reported in The National Enquirer" to determine my level of "trust". 

If you still hold a shred of sanity, this entire "story" is meaningless.

 In case Trump did say it, I too wonder why we take so many people from actual "shitholes" ... do some searches on "cholera" and countries like Hati, Yemen, etc and you may wonder as well ... "shit happens", and when you live in a "shithole", cholera also happens. Spending money so they could keep fecal material and drinking water separate would be WAY more "humanitarian" than whatever number of "refugees" we might take in. 

Sadly, if you have such sanity, I suspect you also already know the answer -- refugees vote democrat! That is why it is so important that we NOT have voter ID! While dead BOistanis often vote democrat as well, dead Hatians, Yemenis, etc don't, and thus we do actually know the sad reason why we take so many rather than fix the plumbing. 

Shut off  EVERYTHING ... America marketed itself a long way to BOistan. It will take more than marketing to get us out! 

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