Thursday, January 04, 2018

Trump Destroys US Economy

Donald Trump's Economic Ideas Would Destroy the American Economy - The Atlantic:

Trump’s economic ideas are so haphazard that, by their own merits, they scarcely deserve to be taken seriously or considered alongside each other. But given that he has managed to become the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, the media doesn’t have a choice. Like so much of his candidacy, those ideas are a joke—one that the country is civically obligated to take seriously.
Seems obvious that the analysis of the Atlantic is not only a JOKE, it is a really really stupid bad joke! Tell me again why it is that anyone in BOistan cares what  the MSM in general and tbe Atlantic in particular" has to say about ANYTHING? We certainly have no obligation -- "civic" or otherwise to pay any attention to a people that clearly have no clue at all.

Some guesses ...
  1. Absolutely no memory at all 
  2. Total sheep ... what they say, we believe
  3. They care about what is said by the "popular press", not what actually happens
  4. WE HATE TRUMP! What else could possibly matter? 
  5. ??? 

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