Sunday, February 25, 2018

Barbie, Legos, Open Source, and "Assault Rifles"

Why millions of Americans — including me — own the AR-15 - Vox:

A rather long but well done article that will clue you in on in on all (and maybe more than all) you want to know about "Assault Rifles".

Like most things on the left, "Assault Rifle" is a complete misnomer, the AR stands for "Armalite Rifle" and was designed by Eugene Stoner ... who one of my old neighbors got to work with at one point. "Assault" vs "Defense" is also a ridiculous distinction. The AR is THE modern sporting rifle platform, as the article goes into in detail. It is NOT "full auto", but rather semi-auto like pretty much all modern hunting rifles (and handguns).

I own a Bushmaster AR as well as a Kel Tec that are "black guns". I also own a couple Ruger 10-22s (one of the most common .22s) as well as a Remington 742 woodsmaster 30-06. Other than "styling", they are all the same, but as any current or previous owner of a Barbie will tell you, styling IS important!

As in Legos or Open Source software, the "styling" lets one mix and match parts between ARs allowing one platform to be used for a brush gun, long range prairie dog gun, or with a different caliber barrel setup, even a real BIG game rifle like grizzly. PLUS, since it "feels the same", you have the muscle memory to be at home with any of them as soon as you pick them up ... my 742 30-06 "feels" a lot different than an AR, but I can put a 30 round or more magazine in it just like my Bushmaster.

"Why does anyone want to own an AR?" ... like why do you want to own a flat screen TV or a car with a backup camera? The AR is the standard modern sporting arm for very good reasons -- MODULARITY being a huge one. The article covers all that if you care. If you don't shoot, or just shoot trap or deer hunt with your pops 30-30, you may just not know -- like your typical Windows user has no clue about Open Source.

News at 11, the current "discussion" is all politics and virtue signalling, which are increasingly the same thing. No such discussion after Vegas, because let's face it, Country Music fans are largely "deplorable", so nobody really cares. Drug ODs and suicides are at record highs, but again, nobody cares -- "The Party" (TP-D) and it's wholly owned media could care less about those deaths, let alone the 4-6K black youth who kill each other in our 20 or so TP controlled major cities each year. No story there folks, move along ... instead, we have a bunch of kids being used as props rather than eating Tide Pods this week.

Is it a tragedy that 17 kids are killed by a mentally ill kid that did pretty much everything up to and including screaming to authorities "I'm really sick and I'm going to shoot up a school!!!". Well yes, but when we live in a country where the cops wait in the parking lot for the gunfire to die out,  and the FBI is too busy texting about how much they hate Trump, it doesn't really seem that we REALLY need to blame the NRA for any reason other than they are "the usual suspects" for the left.

If TP cared about lives, they could stop abortion and have a few more million kids to trot out and whimper about how much they care ... oops, those kids are dead already, but we don't care about them!

Keep your minds right sheeple!

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