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Facing The Democrat State, FBI Edition

A Reckoning for the FBI - WSJ:

It is sad to see that truths that I have been talking about since the '80's have been fully validated and even at this late date, are being summarily denied by "The Party" (TP-D) and it's fully controlled media and Deep/Administrative State.

The point needs to be made loud and very clear. ALL of our federal, state and local agencies have been completely corrupted by the unholy connection of unionization and single party partisan politics! If you are not able to see this to be true, you are willfully blind to it, or have simply paid no attention to events for a VERY long time! ("willfull blindness" in my book includes using only "mainstream media news" as your information source, and "news" in this context must be taken VERY lightly)

Whatever your opinion on unions, one thing is very very clear, they are a construction of left wing ideology. They assert that "workers of the world must unite!", no matter who they work for! The original idea was "labor vs capital" -- employers were "capitalists", thus "expoiting" workers making a free choice to work for pay, so the workers needed to unite to "collectively" become a greater "force".

That force involves strikes and often violence. Picket lines are created; people who are more than willing to work at the jobs which the strikers are refusing to do are called "scabs", threatened and sometimes even killed. How you feel about unions is strongly influenced by what you have been taught -- as you think of that, realize that pretty much 100% of the teachers at all grade levels including university in the US are union members. Unless you have had a VERY unusual teacher, or done some significant work on your own, you no doubt believe at a minium that "unions are neccessary".

I'm not going to make a full treatsie of the whole history of unions here -- they are left wing, they are collectivist, I think we can leave it at that. As long as it was "capital vs unions", it was a battle that was at least understandable, but "government vs unions"? Government is ALREADY a collective, and at least in theory, working for the government was once a matter of "service". Like becoming a missionary for your church, you "believed" in "the call" of government service, so you unselfishly signed up, knowing that you would be living on your neighbors dime, and would thus always be on the lower side of a middle class lifestyle.

No longer.
Overall, total compensation for federal workers was 17 percent higher, on average, than for comparable workers in the private sector during 2011-2015, CBO found. It was 16 percent higher for the period of 2005-2010, the budget office found in its earlier study.
There is no question that "collective action" can work, and work extremely well ... organized crime, drug cartels, OPEC, The International Communist Workers Party, and our subject for today, The FBI Agents Association , have been and are, EXTREMELY effective! The question is how many different organizations should be allowed to do collective shakedowns, and if those shakedowns should have any limits.

Who do unions support? According to Open Secrets, DEMOCRATS ... $60 millon to $8 million in 2016, but anyone that doesn't know that already is so willfully blind that they have stopped reading by now.

How about the media? According to Politico, a not particularly partisan news outlet, 7% of journalists identify has Republican. BTW, the linked article is very good on WHY the media bubble has swung more and more leftward, even recently -- answer, more efficency do to cost constraint, so localizing media people in big urban centers has increased, with expected results.

Nothing in "the memo" is new to people that have been paying attention. The FBI went out of it's way to not prosecute it's own candidate Hillary, then moved many of the same hyperpartisan "investigators" over as "insurance" that Trump would not be elected, and if he was, they could at least hamstring him with being put under immediate "investigation", if not impeached. The memo is another piece of documentation of the obvious -- TP controls the internal structure of the government and 90%+ of the media that "reports" on it. TP is at war with Trump and anyone who fails to bend their knee to TP.

The ONLY way out of this is:

  1. SMALLER GOVERNMENT -- government is inherently left leaning. Our founders created a constitution to resist the constant growth of government until if choked out the last vestiges of liberty. 
  2. Outlaw government unions -- Even FDR was not a fan of public unions. If government workers don't trust the government to be "just", then they really ought not work there. 
  3. Re-establish a strong centrist media -- people that ACTUALLY believe that an informed rather than propagandized public is critical to returning to a Democratic Republic from the failed state of BOistan. This is a HUGE undertaking!
  4. Kill the "consumer" identity and establish our core value as excellence, competitiveness, goodness .,.. something, ANYTHING other than "consumers". 

If there is hope, it is hope of the very long haul! Much as the election of Trump, let us hope that "the memo" is one more small step on the trail.

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