Monday, February 12, 2018

FISAgate, "No Reasonable Prosecutor"

Grassley Graham Memo Affirms Nunes Memo on FISA & Steele Dossier | National Review:

The jury is in on the FBI branch of the DNC deciding to go after Trump to hopefully defeat him in the election, and failing that, to remove him from office as they are working on now.

The column goes into detain on exactly WHY it is completely insane to assume that you can wiretap a private citizen based on the "evidence" put forward by the FBI to FISA. In America, we had STANDARDS of justice that allowed people of multiple political viewpoints to believe that they would be treated fairly by our law enforcement and judicial branches INDEPENDENT of their politics.

The whole concept of the "Red Scare" and the dreaded "McCarthyism" was that Communists were supposedly being treated differently on the basis of their "politics", that isn't TOO hard to understand, given that their "political beliefs" tended to include the "total overthrow of the corrupt US Capitalist system and it's replacement by a system safely under Communist control". Which is pretty hard to distinguish from treason. Never mind, Saul Alinsky, the founder of Community Organizers  (BO's previous gig) and the role model that Hillary Clinton based her masters thesis on shared that view of what ought to happen to the US.

At one level, it is easy to understand that after the destruction of America, the powers that be in BOistan would view anyone not holding membership in "The Party" (TP-D) to be a "subversive". Why, there is no limit to the kind of horrors such people could wreak on innocent BOistanis ... allowing prayer in school, protecting the unborn, rewarding work for a days pay, maintining some sort of borders ... the list is endless! BOistan could be destroyed!

The thing about centralized state control though is that (amazingly), pretty much everyone working for the centralized state and paying into the appropriate government unions is quite saavy about being on board with lots of state power (and money) right away! We humans have a sixth sense for knowing which side our bread is buttered on!

The whole article is worth a read for sure, but the following quote is key -- in America, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to get a FISA warrant given the lack of evidence. The fact they got it means that THIS IS NOT AMERICA!

 "This is not esoterica. In the investigations biz, this is so basic that to call it “Warrants 101” doesn’t do it justice. If you don’t have witnesses with verifiable, first-hand knowledge, you don’t have anything. Without them, to borrow Director Comey’s notorious dictum, no reasonable prosecutor would bring a warrant application to a federal judge, and no reasonable judge would issue a warrant."
It is hard for most people, never having realized that their country died and was replaced while they were watching TV and texting to imagine what has happened here. I see a good analogy as being the neighbors 6 year old kid comes over and says that "My mom and dad have turned into zombies", so you believe him, and go over and shoot them dead. When the cops show up, they say "oh, zombies again, just keep quiet about it, we don't want to alarm anyone", and nothing ever shows up on the news.

Just replace "zombies" with "republicans" and that is pretty much FISAgate.

Andrew McCarthy, the author of the linked article is an honorable guy -- a guy that apparently believed well beyond me that the FBI and FISA court could not possibly be as corrupt as it looked. He closes with this ...

I spent many months assuring people that nothing like this could ever happen — that the FBI and Justice Department would not countenance the provision to the FISA court of uncorroborated allegations of heinous misconduct. When Trump enthusiasts accused them of rigging the process, I countered that they probably had not even used the Steele dossier. If the Justice Department had used it in writing a FISA warrant application, I insisted that the FBI would independently verify any important facts presented to the court, make any disclosures that ought in fairness be made so the judge could evaluate the credibility of the sources, and compellingly demonstrate probable cause before alleging that an American was a foreign agent. 
I was wrong.

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