Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The DNC, Our True Leadership

The Blabbermouth angle | Power Line:

The Donna Brazile book gives us more insight into how BOistan actually runs.

The "narrative" is that BOistan was "attacked" by the nefarious Russians working in concert with the Trump campaign to subvert our previously sacrosanct elections -- you know, the ones you don't need to show an ID to vote in because ... er, well, because it might be "chilling" to show an ID to vote even though you have to show one to get on a plane, check into a hotel, get a cell phone, send something UPS, cash a check, etc, etc.

Our Deep State is totally controlled by "The Party" (TP-D), and they are major players in this "plot". How do we know they are controlled by TP?
Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson testified to the House Intelligence Committee this past June that the DNC declined help from the FBI after it was hacked.
Got that? The Deep State is hot on getting to the bottom of this nefarious Russian plot, but the DNC "declined help", so the FBI never looked at the servers that the horrible Russians hacked.

So who does the FBI work for? Obviously, it works for TP -- as all of us do. TP said no, so the answer is no, and not the media, nor certainly the Deep State is even remotely interested in changing the way things work. We are all "wet fish" and have no idea we are wet with TP corruption.When TP speaks, we all just listen -- but some of us like to pretend otherwise.

"Elections"?   I would be completely unsurprised if the Russians, the Chinese, or just about anyone had hacked our elections (especially the DNC) -- my guess is that TP has had their finger heavily on the outcomes for a long time and trying to make a case for "Russian interference" makes the obvious conclusion a bit foggy. Good thing if you are cheating! 

I covered the excellent "Stealing Elections" by John Fund back in 2005. It explains how Gore nearly "won" FL quite nicely. In Palm Beach county, 15k Republicans apparently came out and voted a Republican ticket, yet failed to vote for Bush -- OR, someone took a bunch of ballots and shoved a rod through the Gore punch. When you do that, you either insure a vote for Gore, **OR** you create an "overvote" if the voter voted for someone else. There were 19K "overvotes" in Palm Beach county.

"Stealing Elections" documents a pretty good case that Democrats have been stealing elections for a LONG time. Naturally, their efforts are heavily centered in urban areas, so when you look at the BOistan red/blue maps, it is easy to understand why you see what you see. Their weakness -- as is so often the case, is the Constitution and the founders wisdom in not making this a "pure Democracy" (The electoral college, congressional districts, 2 senators from each state).

The point is that if stealing elections is possible, it is possible in a lot of ways -- including ways that even TP is not aware of.

The really funny part is that TP is so powerful and embedded in all our alphabet agencies, the media, education, etc, that the DNC just said no and that was that. 99.9% of us don't question what we see relative to things like this because "that is just the way things are".

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